August 16, 2009

Anthropologie's Secret Code - In-House Brand Guide

Shopping Anthropologie can confusing at times, as the store mixes in-house brands (all of which have different sizing) and external brands like Anna Sui and Ella Moss, with very little fanfare to tell you which is which.

While doing some research online, I came upon an excellent guide to figuring out Anthropologie's in-house brands. The general principle is in the store you should look for an RN Number on the garment label. Specificially RN # 66170, denotes the garment was made by Urban Outfitters (Anthropologie's parent company). In other words, it's an in-house brand.

Example photo is below:

While this is useful to help differentiate between the in-house and external brands, I've noted only a few exceptions in my closet where a known in-house brand, fei, did not seem to have an RN # printed anywhere on the tags, despite my having purchased directly from an Anthropologie store...

For the Hermione-types like me who love to know everything about what they are coveting/holding/taking out their credit card to purchase right now, below is a my own list of in-house Anthropologie brands I've seen and bought. For reference I am 5 ft 1 and typically wear a 0-2 petite -- though my general feeling I don't care if the size tag says 0 or 14; if it fits me and looks great, I'm wearing it, damnit.

Cartonnier - Label: dark green with Cartonnier in yellow cursive. Remaining labels will also look vintage inspired. Refined with suiting/military/navy type details. Lately seeing alot of pieces that are wholly synthetic which makes me want to cry...

Elevenses - Label: Spool of thread with needle. Great cotton pieces that can fit petites. Always comes with extra buttons!

Fei - Label: vine/fern motif. Really great silk pieces, a bit on the dressier side.

Guinevere - Fairly affordable. Tops tend to run on the smaller side

Idra - Label: Very fancy cursive (see below). Jackets, pants, and skirts. Can run a bit small.

Photo credit: Idra tag by Grayhood

Knitted and Knotted - Label: Very distinctive little metal tag. As you can guess, lots of knitwear to keep you cozy.

Maeve - Label: bright yellow flowers with "she who is beautiful" on the back. Dresses tend to be fitted quite close to the body. Usually inexpensive. Good for those petites with tiny waists!

Photo credit: Maeve tag by Grayhood

Moth - Label: 1 red dot. Fits a bit larger, good choice for taller girls. Usually seen on casual tops.

Moulinette Soeurs - Label: White tags read MOULINETTE SOEURS vêtements (French for clothing). Only have seen this brand on higher end dresses. Very well-made line that has a French chic feel to it.

Odille - Label: "odille" in cursive and offset to the right. Rather similar to Moth. Usually casual pieces. Runs a bit large, good choice for taller girls.. UPDATE: Per the comments Odille tops run short but skirts run true to size.

Leifsdottir - A high-end line owned by Anthropologie's parent company. This is the best of the best: silks, cashmeres, beautiful designs. Pretty much any piece you'll encounter is 3 figures... I bought 1 cotton summer dress from this line on sale (hooray!). Sizing appears to be true.

There is also an exclusive Leifsdottir site now up, though the brand is also sold in high end department stores like Nordstrom's, and is not exclusive only to Anthropologie stores.

Pinkerton - Label: "pinkerton" in cursive on a little ribbon. Mainly loungewear line from Anthropologie, but some items can actually be quite wearable as casual dresses. Also a way to get silk Anthro items for a cheaper price, but keep in mind that because it's loungewear you may need to restyle or add a slip underneath for modesty.

Others I am less familiar with:

Sparrow - Per comments this brands fits true to size. Seems to offer many cardigans/sweaters.

What do you think of the in-house Anthro brands and their sizing? Feel free to comment.

I also have a guide on External Brands that Anthro carries.


Anonymous said...

Odille runs short in tops. Difficult for us tall girls. Shirts run true to size.

Anonymous said...

That was skirts of Odille run true to size.

Meilily said...

Thanks for the info! I just got a Sparrow cardi-dress from Anthro and love its unique design, plus it seems to fit true to size (I usually wear Small and did not have to order XS).

M.E. Ster said...

That's great info. I teach at FIDM and am always trying to explain to my students about private label. I love Anthropologie! They are excellent at branding. Fab post.

徵信社 said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.


Anonymous said...

I have a shirt from Anthropologie that is from the "viola" line, it has the 66170 on the tag as well so it's an in house brand. I don't remember exactly how much it was but it was rather expensive compared to some things you'd find there. It is a hand-embroidered looking net/lace looking mid/short sleeved overlay that is kind of a fleshy cream color with a nudish pink silk camisole underneath. It's a size 0 and fits very well (that's what I usually wear).

Anonymous said...

I just wish the majority of these labels weren't all MADE IN CHINA!

I do love that I can search their website for USA and find what I prefer to spend my money on..

Anonymous said...

Do you know which brand has a feline on the label? Made my favorite pair of pants ever!

Anonymous said...

Do you know which brand has a feline on the label? Made my favorite pair of pants!

sweetarchivia said...

@Anonymous I think there's one called Taikonhu which has a cat on the label - unless I'm mistaken.

Anonymous said...

I bought a beautiful Moulinette soeurs long dress last summer. It is rigth in line with your description; high end looking, well-made and french chic.

Amy said...

Purr has a cat on the label too. I have some wool slacks with a Purr label. Here are a few more designers from items I have from Anthropologie: Celia Prado, Pilcro and the Letterpress, Daughters of the Liberation, Baraschi, Girls from Savoy, Steve Alan, Postmark, Charlie and Robins, Hei Hei, Sunner, Ganni, Tabitha, We Love Vera, Meadow Rue, Rina Dhaka, Project Alabama, Weston Wear, Lilka, Porridge, HWR, HD, Organic, Konrad and Joseph, Puella, Madchen, Rosie Neira, Pure and Good, Lil, Purr.

Elizabeth said...

Is Daughters of the Liberation an in-house brand, or no? Thanks for the great info!

sweetarchivia said...

Yes Elizabeth I believe Daughters of the Liberation is an in-house brand as well.

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daryl storey said...

i have a tee that has the Anthro RN number, the label is 3 pictures of an origami bird being folded. Is the brand "Origami"? i can't figure out the brand name. btw, i hate it when brands don't NAME their brand!

sweetarchivia said...

Hrmmm hi daryl - I think you need to contact their customer service as I don't recall the name associated with the origami bird. My guess is the brand is not Origami as I don't recall that being a brand Anthro carries.
Hope this helps!

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