May 30, 2009

What to Wear after an Apocalyptic Event

Yes indeed, one must be stylishly attired at all times, even after the world goes dark. What with the economy going sour and various parts of the country stockpiling guns in case that Obama should provide universal healthcare to help sick people (sacre mon bleu!)...what is a girl to do?

Let us investigate the various level of personal apocalypse one can encounter and the fantastic outfits one should wear:

1) Rainy Days - why not use an umbrella as a stylish hat to match your outfit. No rain should stand in your way now!

Alexander McQueen Fall 2009 RTW

2) World War III - just because you are armored does not mean you should leave that evening gown behind. Notice the covered mouth piece is really an N95-grade swine flu prevention mask.

3) Nuclear Bomb - your eyeballs probably won't exist anymore so covering them with bangs will be an excellent way to hide that fact. Furthermore, the sequins will help deflect any radiation. 

May 23, 2009

What I love now! - Random July Edition

For Watching: Kupono and Kayla on So You think you Can Dance. Laugh all you want, but this couple is just fantastic to watch.

For Reading: What Chuck Wore. Frankly if I were a guy, I would want Chuck Bass's dandified super-posh wardrobe. This site showcases his fashion choices on Gossip Girl.

As cute as Blair's wardrobe is in the photo below, can I get a female version of Chuck's white jacket?

For Wearing:
Flounced Jacket - What can I say? I love a great jacket. And, where else but Anthropologie can you find a well-cut peplum jacket in dark purple cotton? Extremely flattering for the waist.

For Beautifying:

Glycolactic Skin Renewal Peel Mask - Best Peel I've used so far. If you find Juice Beauty's Green Apple Peel too harsh and drying, this is a much better choice. Plus it smells fantastic!

Headbands a la Blair Waldorf

Thanks to Gossip Girl and Blair Waldorf's headband obsession an otherwise mundane fashion item is now associated with the fabulous Upper East Side (will they also bring back hats and gloves for us sometime, too?)

Anyhow, I found Blair's headband from the Goodbye Gossip Girl Season 2 finale episode "The Goodbye Gossip Girl." Yes, the episode that brought us the most hilarious Blair/Chuck/Headband moment:

Blair: And, what about my headband?
Chuck: I .. admire it.

Good answer, Chuck. We admire Blair's headbands too:

Same headband on equally pouty brunette model:

Jennifer Behr Vintage Gold Knot Headwrap

While the Nautical/Grecian goddess look is just fab, I was shocked at the $225 pricetag (?!?!). I mean seriously I could buy a really nice dress with that sort of money. Suitable for Blair, but probably not for us lesser mortals.

For more, er "affordable," yet still upscale options, I quite like the hair accessories by Jennifer Ouellette carried by Barneys New York. (Wonder if the name "Jennifer" is a pre-requisite to become an upscale headband designer, in which case I am automatically disqualified).

Jennifer Ouellette, Starbright Headpiece in Black, $135
Ahhh the classic black bow. How can one top that?

Jennifer Ouellette, Jackie O Headband, $75
For the more fashionably adventurous, this retro look is definitely unique.

Jennifer Ouellette, Feather Quill Headband in Black, $125
The combo of bow, feather and polka dots make this one 3 bangs for the buck! Not to mention quite interesting.

Of course, for more down-to-earth options, J.Crew and Anthropologie always have stylish choices under $30.

Anthropologie Rosamund Headband, $28.

May 17, 2009

Free Shipping on Anthroplogie for Summer 2009

Wohoo! Thanks very much to Effortless Anthroplogie's post, I found out that Anthropologie is offering free shipping to it's Anthro cardholders who have linked their cards to their online accounts. The shipping offer is good for domestic US orders until the end of Sept 7th, 2009.

Full details from Anthropologie on its site are available here.

Looks like when I tested that no coupon code was necessary. The shipping showed up at $0.00 automatically.

Hooray! My summer is now just that much better ;) (Let me know if you get anything cute in the comments darlings!)

May 16, 2009

What I love now! - Hot Summer Day Edition

For Reading: Death in the Clouds (Hercule Poirot) - by Agatha Christie. Good British murder mystery fun where a poor old lady gets murdered on an airplane without any of the other passengers realizing. Definitely recommended for Hercule Poirot fans.

For Wearing: Hot days in California are best spent reading indoors in the shade and lazying about in loungewear (preferably lightweight slips of cotton or modal). Currently I am coveting:

For Beautifying:

Fresh Rose Marigold Tonic Water - an alcohol-free floral water to spritz on right after washing and before any serums or lotions. Also helps lightly hydrate and calm.

For Eating: Cold noodles with fresh vegetables and meat. I like to like to mix mine with peanut sauce and tangy vinegar (essentially the Asian version of cold pasta salad).

May 14, 2009

Bye Bye White House | Black Market

Unfortunately, Blackhawk Plaza (Danville, California - home to my favorite Anthroplogie) is losing a tenant despite many efforts to boost occupancy. White House | Black Market is moving out (see the email below).

According to a recent article by the SF Biz Journal, it almost sounded as though the Plaza was at the beginning of a Renaissance.

Personally I look forward to the "Three new, eclectic yet affordable restaurants by a world-famous Las Vegas chef – as yet a secret – to open by year end" the article mentions. Hopefully it come too little too late..."

May 13, 2009

Ya'll No Longer Shopping...

Looks like there'll be a lot of discounts come Memorial Day weekend given that NPR reported "Demand at department stores and general merchandise stores fell 0.1 percent and sales at specialty clothing stores dropped 0.5 percent" in it's article on April retail sales falling versus March.

Hopefully things will recover before every shopping plaza goes from a few vacancies to just vacant lots. Either that or we'll have to fill our wardrobes with $5 vintage thrift store finds and Tar-jay. *sigh* when will Topshop open a store in California? New York may be the fashion capital of the US, but that hardly means the rest of the country wants to wear plaid lumberjack shirts and mom jeans.

May 08, 2009

Audrey Tatou's Chanel No 5 Campaign

Stunning bit of cinematography as with all Chanel No 5 campaigns. I like this one better than the Nicole Kidman and Keira Knightley campaigns. Must watch!

May 06, 2009

Underwater May 2009

Anthropologie shot an absolutely gorgeous water-themed May catalog with some really amazing underwater shots.

The cover looks like an impressionist painting:
May 09
This one really grabbed my attention since usually the more "artistic" shoots tend to be in high fashion magazines and not in arguably a commercial catalog.

Floating Lotus Dress
I wish I looked this good underwater. Also, how does she keep her lipstick on?

Shell-Strewn Bag
Don't forget the colorful accessories!

Beaded Cumulus Dress
The sunlight bouncing off of her is just perfect.

May 05, 2009

Oh the Irony of Charitable Fashion

I found it a bit ironic that Anna Sui's exclusive t-shirt design for the Asian Pacific American Heritage month appears to depict a blonde, presumably Caucasian female next to the Anna Sui logo. While I find the drawing to be completely adorable on its own, I also wonder why Anna did not take the opportunity to depict (and arguably) celebrate Asian females such as herself.

Either that or Anna Sui is celebrating Asian females who like to bleach their hair blonde ;) 

What do you think of Anna Sui's tee? 

May 03, 2009

What I love now!

For Reading: Fake Karl. A genius satirical blog that pretends to be the writings of Karl Lagerfield with various guest appearance by other fashion notables. Why fake Yves Saint Laurent is still alive and blogging on it I'm not sure...

For Wearing:

Caped Cardigan by Anthroplogie in Navy

Very comfy sweater in 100% cotton from the Moth sub-brand. It looks blah on the hangar, but is really cute and interesting once you put it on.

For Beautifying: Philosophy Purity Made Simple. I'm a devoted Fresh user, but occasionally my face does get a bit dry or irritated. I find Purity to be an exceptional cleanser when I need something gentle and non-stripping.

For Relaxing: Yoga Beauty Body. Fantastic set from Ana and Ravi. Now if only I could figure out how to do shoulder stand and plow...

May 02, 2009

The People's Economic Stimulus pt 1

For those who can still afford to do so, why not participate directly in an economic stimulus plan by supporting your favorite stores? Not to mention scooping up some deals along the way;) I present you with various venues (or recon missions, depending on how you roll) with which to consider!

Various locations:
Nordstrom Rack - Tag sale, 25-60% off off last marked prices. May 5th. Doors open at 9 am.

Sephora - MDAYGRACE or In-store coupon free 4 oz Philosophy Amazing Grace Firming Body Emulsion for >$25 purchases. Beauty Insiders only. While supplies last.
Danville Local:

Blackhawk Plaza - Girl Time Event. When you present your day’s Blackhawk Plaza receipts to the concierge table in the Rotunda totaling $250 and $500 or more you will receive a $25 and $50 Blackhawk Plaza gift card respectively. Also stores will have various shopping specials/VIP treatments. May 7th 10 am - 6 pm. 

Dabble Cosmetics (located in Blackhawk Plaza) - 20% off Stila. 10% off Spa Services. May 7th 10 am-6pm. Call 925 967 1114 for details.

May 01, 2009

With Zipper Trimmings, Sir!

Funny as it sounds, using zippers as ruffle-y trim can look absolutely beautiful. It's a great contrast between soft feminity on one hand and edgy, metallic, industriality on another.

Pour la Victoire 'Ella' T-Strap Sandal

Peach and Yellow Floral Brooch by Zip Pinning 367

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