September 28, 2009

Anthropologie SF TV Series Debut Event

For those of you lucky enough to live near San Francisco AND be able to get away for a weekday evening event, Anthropologie is debuting a TV Series called "Man Shops Globe" about one of its buyers. In otherwords, a show about a guy doing the job that you would love to do!

See full poster below for details on the where and how to RSVP for the Oct 7th evening event. Although to be honest I'm not sure how exactly they are going to fit everybody in the SF Anthropologie store. My guess is they will definitely need to move some of the merchandise out of the way:

September 27, 2009

Guide to Vampire Chic

I've begun noticing that as the popularity of vampire-related books, shows, movies etc has caught on, there is a definite "vampire chic" look.  Let's face it, the Dracula look is dead. The modern vampire needs to be able to blend in with modern humans. Capes, slicked back hair, bright red and black colour schemes... those are just too cliche.

Rules for the modern Vampire Chic:

Rule #1: Black is the new black. Black says creepy, scary, undead, and all those bad things you associated with black when you refused to use the black crayon in kindergarten. Somehow wearing a cheery colour like pink or yellow just destroys your street cred.

Rule #2: The Black V-neck Tee is your uniform. In fact, even if your vampire brother (See Exhibit A)  is wearing the exact same black V-neck tee in the same scene, it is still acceptable. Apparently wearing the same thing is not a faux pas when you're undead.

Note: This rule may not apply to the female vampire. Life, or lack thereof, is always tougher as a girl. Use fashionista vampires like Alice Cullen (vintage/romantic/petite vampire chic) and Rosalie Hale (glamazon blonde vampire) for inspiration.

Rule #3: Beyond Black. Of course one can't wear only a black V-neck tee everyday for 100+ years. Choose to layer your blacks to get more interesting texture (i.e. black leather jacket over black tee). Or, diversify colour choices with dark blues, greys, and browns. Again, think scary colours that are dark enough to cover up all the blood stains.

Rule #4: Show your history through your jewelry. This may include a special family crest, magical  ring, etc. It's preferred that this item be made of sterling silver, and involve your new favorite colour: black. Gold is just too tacky and too Lord of the Rings.

Rule #5: Accessorize with humans or other vampires. Best accessory to have as a vampire is a human partner. It's like having an instant fast food restaurant following you around. For obvious reasons, at some point you'll have to decide to make this human a) your meal or b) a vampire like you. If you choose the latter, you'll have to show her/him/it how to dress vampire chic properly. Second best accessory choice is to have another vampire around you. Who wants to be lonely for eternity?

Exhibit A - the black V-Neck tee (left and right) and human accessory in the middle.

Photo Credit: Vampire Diaries, CW TV

From left: Damon Salvatore (vampire), Elena (still human but also wearing black), Stefan Salvatore (vampire)

Exhibit B - Notice all the dark colours and variations one can use. Again, the black tee is basic. Human accessory in the middle again.

Photo Credit: Summit Entertainment, Twilight movie.

From Left: Alice Cullen (vampire), Emmett Cullen (vampire), Bella Swan (still human), Edward Cullen (vampire), Rosalie Hale (vampire), Jasper Hale (vampire)

September 25, 2009

Sweetness for Less: Chanel Fall 2008

The Inspiration:

Chanel Fall 2008 Ad Campaign Photos
Fantastic black and white ad campaign. If you notice carefully, the girl's tights are blocked into solid black (front side) and lace (back side).

The Look a Like:

DKNY Color Block Tights - These screamed Chanel at me when I saw them. Notice that the tights are reversible, so you can wear solid black in front if you prefer, much like in the Chanel ads.

Overall the effect seems to be quite slimming the tight seems to trick the eye into primarily seeing only half your leg (I mean that in a totally non-gruesome sort of way).

Also at $20, (and still made in Italy!), these are a bargain even compared to the ModCloth version: Flipside Tights in Opposites.

September 24, 2009

Links a la Mode: Breath Mint Anyone?


Breath Mint Anyone?

Edited by Jordana
There's something about the fall season that brings both calming and chaotic feelings. As we kiss our wild summer nights goodbye, we say hello to late night study sessions and longer days in the office. As New York Fashion Week closes and we're trying to catch up on the latest collections, London Fashion Week kicks off. This week's round up of Links à la Mode from Independent Fashion Bloggers embodies a little bit of everything in an effort to give you a breather in between the deceiving calm that comes with fall. We've got runway reviewes ranging from Fashion Pulse's take on Tory Burch to Fasshonaburu's humorous experience at the Snuggie fashion show, and Style Amour rated the top five most disappointing Spring 2010 collections. There are also a few new DIY's worth checking out, especially the Maison Michael bunny ears post from Monoxious. Last but not least, make sure you check out Ashe Mischief's scando-style post on Sarah Von of Yes and Yes on Dramatis Personae.

By the way, if you haven't checked out the IFB Dress Up Soiree & Evolving Influence Panel recap, click here.

Links à la Mode : September 24th

  • A Typical Atypical: Make me a... 20's flapper girl - vintage outfits for the modern girl
  • Aysha's Rabbit Hole: Watch the accessory madness
  • Bobbins And Bombshells: Musings on the history and significance of red lipstick
  • Broke & Beautiful: Bored with the same old nude pumps? Elle shares some architectural ones to covet, instead
  • Clutch 22: DVF ss10 Cleopatra in the 21st Century
  • Decline Designs: Looking Forward to Fall at Decline Designs
  • Dramatis Personae: Sarah Von of Yes and Yes shares the secrets of Scandinavian Style
  • Fashion Hippo: To Trend or Not to Trend? Fall 2009 trends contemplated
  • Fashion Pulse: Up close and personal at the Tory Burch Spring 2010 presentation.
  • Fasshonaburu: Alyssa goes to and reviews the hilarious Snuggie Fashion Show during NY Fashion Week!
  • Friend in Fashion: More milage from your fashion dollar. Tube skirt, 6 different looks
  • Glamoursplash: They don't make 'em like this anymore; the beautiful mermaids of Busby Berkleys Footlight Parade
  • Idiosyncratic Style: If fall's hottest shoes belonged to a clique
  • Independent Fashion Bloggers: The IFB Dress Up Soiree recap... photos and more!
  • Monoxious: How to make your own Maison Michel Lace bunny ears!
  • Prom Mafia: DC Fashion Week embraces white after Labor Day and shows beauty comes in all colors, shapes, sizes
  • Retro Chick: Win a Lulu Guinness Cameo City Tote
  • Style Amour: Spring's 2010 biggest Misses - the top 5 most disappointing NYFW shows
  • Sweet Fuzz: Win the gorgeous Gemma necklace (worth $155 dollars!) from Twisted and Beautiful, featured on Bravo's NYC Prep
  • The Coveted: Buckled and Booted... essential boots for Autumn
  • The Fashion Planner: How to make a T-shirt Lei Necklace; plus enter to win one!
  • The Sideshow Scrapbook: Review about the "Ones to Watch" catwalk show at LFW


If you would like to submit your link for next week's Links à la Mode, please register first, then post your links HERE. The HTML code for this week will be found in the Links a la Mode group will be published later today. ~Jennine

September 21, 2009

Wanted: Ric Rac Clothing Company - For Antiquated Living

I was browsing ShopFlick (think lots of indie designers like etsy but with video content) and came across the fantastically vintage-inspired clothing from Ric Rac Clothing Company.

Ric Rac Quill Dress - it seems like a simple enough navy wool dress trimmed with a bit of white silk, but something about the way the boat neck is combined with the puff sleeves and draping in the back just make it so much more elegant and interesting!

The long sleeves are so very in now, but the mini skirt length keeps the dress from feeling too stuffy.

Ric Rac Camdyn in Carnival Print - I would have never ever think that a circus coloured print with Victorians playing croquet would ever look good constructed as a dress, but I totally adore it on this dress! Three tiers and a crinoline make this dress extra scrumptious. Love the black buttons.

September 18, 2009

Link a la Mode: Beyond Fashion Week


Beyond Fashion Week

Edited by Ashe Mischief
There’s a certain amount of irony in the fact I edited this week’s Links a la Mode, as it’s New York Fashion Week– because it’s something I’ve never actually covered before. Style moves on– whether it’s fashion week or the holidays, or the worst day of your life, and for that, we’ve got a bit of coverage from NYFW, some great posts to challenge your mind and body, and a bit of eye candy to tide us over through the weekend.

Links à la Mode : September 17th

September 17, 2009

Review: Sketchbook Pullover Anthropologie Fall/Winter

Sketchbook Pullover by Sleeping on Snow

This sweater truly caught my eye when I saw it online, so when it arrived at my local Anthropologie I quickly snapped one up to try on. Despite the beautiful sketches of flowers and embroidery, I am sad to report that there are a few issues with this sweater:

1) It's so long, for a gal who's 5 ft 1 this ended up becoming a sweater dress and not a sweater.
2) The fabric is a bit scratchy and hairy due to the usage of angora and wool -- obviously not of the highest quality.
3) The colours just didn't pop against my skin as they did on the photo for some reason. For some reason the yellows and reds just disappeared (perhaps swallowed by what ended up seeming like a vast expanse of ho hum off-white on me?)

The good part is that the material is quick thick and form fitting enough to be a pretty warm sweater.

Verdict: Try it out for yourself. I didn't purchase this one at full price given the defects, especially when I'm still sweltering in darn hot late summer weather and willing to wait for something better.

September 15, 2009

Candy Coated Purple Purse

I recently went on a mission to find a new handbag, ideally in a slouchy leather (preferably Italian of course), lightweight (a must for a petite gal), roomy (better fit a magazine and water bottle), and definitely in a bright colour. This largely involved extensive window shopping, buying, returning, and then buying again until I finally settled on the handbag above. It definitely has a bit of that oversized bag look to it on me, but without the weight of lots of hardware.

Normally I don't buy much purple as I find it tends to make my skin look more sallow. The great benefit of handbags is you can choose a colour you normally wouldn't wear for clothing, since you'll carry it against your clothing rather than against your skin.

So go ahead, pick a happy handbag colour!

P.S. If you haven't noticed I am now using a new layout (yay for the flexibility of 3 columns!) as well as trying out Polyvore for my photo inserts. Tell me what you think in the comments...

September 13, 2009

Not Ready for Launch: Anna Sui for Target

After anticipating the Anna Sui Gossip Girl-inspired collection at Target, I was very much disappointed to find that my local store, one of the designated California locations to have the collection, hadn't even had the merchandise to put out on the floor! It seems possible some stores may have either received shipments later and hence didn't have the time to put things on the floor for the launch.

Items are available for sale on the Target website, but I noticed some items, such as the Blair Tablecloth dress are already sold out (although I was shocked at the $70 price tag for a polyester dress).

In any case, I would suggest a call to your local store before making the trip to avoid disappointment.

September 12, 2009

The Lighter Side of Olive Skin Tones

I've noticed that when cosmetics companies create makeup for pale/porcelain skin tones, typically they do not take into account that there's many different possible undertones for pale skin, not just the pinkish undertones of a traditional "English rose." In fact, one can have pale skin, but with olive undertones or warm, golden undertones as well.

An example would be Zhang Ziyi from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon fame.

Personally, I feel there's a bit of a stereotype that if you're olive-toned, you must be somewhat medium tanned Asian/Mediterranean, despite the fact that obviously you could be deeply tanned or quite pale. Not to mention "ethnic" makeup is always a bit of a task to find.

Mineral Powders:
I found Alima, a Portland company, after doing some research online. They do all-natural mineral makeup and have a truly extensive color selection for all types of skin: Cool, Neutral, Warm, Beige, Olive, Golden and even have a custom blend option. They also have super soft, cruelty-free taklon brushes that feel amazing.

Alima Pure - Satin Matte Foundation in Olive 0, a pale olive that worked best on me. You can also try Olive 1 which is a bit darker and useful to have around for the summer months, for contouring, or just for blending a custom shade with your Olive 0.

Lily Lolo, which is a mineral makeup company based in the UK, also has a several pale warm and neutral shades, though the selection is a more limited. Unfortunately, based on their website I think they have discontinued my own personal favorite: Fortune Cookie, a nice pale olive.

The great thing about both sites is you can order a variety of samples to get a perfect match before purchasing the full size. Or if you wear foundation only on special occasions like me, I've found the samples are more than enough.

Becca Luminous Skin Colour in Sand- This is an lightweight, sheer tinted moisturizer with SPF 25. I used their complimentary Ask an Artist service to get a colour match. I thought it was just absolutely fantastic, blended in like a dream, and looks extremely natural on me. In fact, I think most people wouldn't realize you were wearing any makeup. If you want heavy coverage this is not for you, but if you're looking for the "no makeup" dewy look this is fantastic.

The range has a very large variety of colours to choose from, which is a great bonus for girls who have trouble getting a colour match.

I received a sample of MAC Mineralize Satin Finish SPF 15 Foundation in NC-30, but I found it to be too heavy although the colour did match my skin. Personally I prefer to not feel like I have a mask over my skin.

Links a la Mode: Shifting Gears


Shifting Gears

Edited by Jennine

It’s here. Summer’s (basically) over, back to school, back to work… even in fashion today is the official first day of Fashion Week madness, and New York is only the beginning. I’ve always thought once Labor Day rolled around, we shifted gears realizing that the year is almost out it’s time to start packing it all in! This week, we’ve got an amazing round of links…seriously, it was so hard to pick only 20. Style Amor wonders if we really need fashion week at all… Heavy Heels sense the Winds of Change, as models start chopping their locks, The Demoiselles start a getting healthy project for a bunch of ladies, kaKofonie Of si(gh)lenS gets an remarkable interview with Patricia Ayers.

Links à la Mode : September 10th

September 09, 2009

Anthropologie Shoes - Store List

Anthropologie has finally published a comprehensive list of its stores which carry shoes via an email to subscribers:

A copy of the California stores is below. Note that some stores may carry a few shoes here and there, but these carry a larger selection:



(510) 486-0705


(310) 385-7390


(415) 924-4197


(310) 414-0066


IRVINE, CA 92618
(949) 341-0104


6301 W. 3RD ST. S. J.
(323) 934-8433


(949) 720-9946


(858) 558-3007


(415) 434-2210


(805) 962-5461


(310) 393-4763

September 08, 2009

Shopping is a Sport: Labor Day Finds

After some good hunting over the Labor Day weekend, here are my finds:

BCBGirls Ferny Flat in Black Water Patent

I was in need for a good walking flat as my prior ballet flats had been worn to death. Not to mention the thin soles on ballet flats seem to exacerbate how quickly the shoes fall apart. Unfortunately, being a size 5 tends to mean that shoe shopping is rather difficult. Most shoes start at a size 6, and my beloved Anthropologie won't carry anything below a 5.5

In any case, I found these at Loehmann's for $39 and will soon trotting them out on the streets.

Free People Sporty Lurex Tight in Ivory

I'm not quite sure given the name what is particularly "sporty" about this Free People tight besides the name and the somewhat sporty looking yellow waistband (which nobody will see besides you). In general, I think it's a comfortable, somewhat vintage/schoolgirl looking pattern.

I bought these tights in ivory as wearing black tights during hot summer months is not appealing, yet going bare legged usually means a really chilly experience in the face of any places with A/C.

I bought these for a song at $9 from Loehmann's, versus the nearly criminal $38 retail tag price.

Finally, my last and best find:

Madison Marcus Silk Top - Spring 2008 Collection

I know the picture shows what looks like a dress/tunic, but I suppose the designer may have made shorter versions? In any case, I'm in love with the gorgeous turquoise colour and cute scalloping details around the collar and hem.

I bought this one at a Barneys New York Outlet for a ridiculous price of $22 versus $139 retail.

Do you have any fun finds to share? If so, please comment! (Oh and do tell where you found them!)

September 04, 2009

Links a la Mode: Style within Means


Style Within Means

Edited by Debutante Clothing

As the summer winds down and I start planning my Fall wardrobe, I’m overwhelmed by thoughts of how to create a wardrobe on a budget. This week, we have a ton of posts on how to find great style within a budget. Fashion Pulse Daily gives us the top denim looks under $50 and The Recessionista is reporting Anna Wintour is heading to Macy’s for Fashion Night Out. Enjoy!

Links à la Mode : Sepetember 3rd     

September 02, 2009

Review: Anthropologie Adulation Crops

Idra Adulation Crops in Red

I bought a pair of these from Anthropologie as they were the perfect length, 26" L, as full length pants for a petite gal with no need to hem and a fun colour for summer. For a taller girl, these would definitely be crops.

Material wise, it's cotton with 3% spandex added for a bit of give. A small detail I loved was the print used in some of the lining material for the back pockets.

Generally I would recommend sizing up one size as these crops run a bit small. Also, this isn't a true red, but more of an orange-y/peachy melon colour. They also come in black but I preferred the red version.

As for the sash, it is indeed silky and pretty. However, I ended up cutting mine off as my bow kept coming loose and I had to keep retying it. Note, the sash is actually attached at one spot at the back of the pant with bit of thread.

Note: Idra is indeed an internal Anthro brand, I checked the tags and it says RN 66170 (see this post for an explanation).

Verdict: Definitely a bargain at $19.95 on sale. Have fun while summer lasts!

September 01, 2009

Useless, Beautiful: Labbit Rabbits

Not to deride the many beautiful objects out there. But to be honest, many objects have very little use besides being beautiful, pretty, cute to look at etc...I say we ought to celebrate these objects, as they bring flavor and quirkiness to life despite their somewhat "junky" nature.

As an example: Labbit Rabbits from ModCloth. These are vinyl rabbits you can "dress" up with various accessories. Totally adorable, totally useless, but 100% cute.

Country Fair Labbit Rabbit

Love the bit of ice cream and bubble gum bubble.

Apparently, there's also 3 other versions: Farmer in the Dell, Apocalypse Now, and Raver.

UPDATE: Per reader comments, I found out that these Labbits are actually part of an entire series available from Kidrobot, the artist behind them is Frank Kozik.
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