December 14, 2010

AG Everett vs AG Stevie Cords

I was so excited this weekend to see AG Everett's on sale. Now, you'll know from my previous reviews that I love the fit of the AG Stevie's. By the way, the Stevie's this year are just as good as last year's, and now in new colours!

$49.95 orig $168
Style# 18767004

I had completely expected the AG Everett's to have the exact same fit as the Stevie's, except with a wide leg rather than a skinny and the same plush corduroy that can't be found anywhere else. Wrong. Completely wrong. Unlike the Stevie's which huge the waistline beautifully, the Everett's tend to gap and fit more like J. Crew pants - which happen to fit horribly on me. The corduroy is still soft and the colours are pretty, but doesn't seem quite as plush as the Stevie's for some odd reason.

Verdict: The Everett's are a no-go for me. They may better fit girls who are a bit less curvy and if you can fit J. Crew pants these may be the ones for you.

Update: I managed to find one pair of freak Everett's that actually fit me! So a little hunting may help though I would still recommend the Stevie's as the better pants overall.

For now, I'm coveting another pair of Stevie's either in white or the lush burgundy purple I've seen in stores. Also, I'm a bit curious to know how the AG Angel's fit in comparison - if you know, please do tell in the comments!


AG Angel Corduroy, $158

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