February 28, 2010

Review: Odille Gallopping Filly Skirt

(Style #020023)

I was completely excited when I saw this beautiful and skirt on the rack at my local Anthropologie. A full crinoline, a romantic print, what's not to love? Unfortunately, despite trying this on in a size 0, the skirt was much too much for a petite gal. At 5 ft 1, the skirt hit me around my calf and as you can imagine, is extremely poufy - which created a bit of a country bumpkin look. If they made a shorter version, I think it could work.

Verdict: Not for petites or girls who prefer to be understated. This filly is for taller girls only!

February 26, 2010

Inspiration: BD Lookbook

Below are gorgeous gorgeous looks from BD's Lookbook which I couldn't resist re-posting. Catherine Holstein, Quail, Novakhett, Scout, and Sea are the designers featured.

February 25, 2010

Links a la Mode: Project Beyond the Runway

links a la mode

Project Beyond the Runway

Edited by Fashion Pulse Daily

Reading through the links this week, I realized that fashion week or no fashion week, fashion will most certainly go on! A winter snowstorm couldn't even slow down New York Fashion Week, and the links below are testament to the wonderful style that exists beyond the runway, such as Ode to Awe's jewelry discovery, how to look chic while lounging by Cafe Fashionista, and tips for vintage shoe shopping by Wicked Whimsy. Don't get me wrong, I love being 'in the know' on runway looks and trends, but how you interpret them and work them into your personal style is so much more important than remembering which designers showed one-shoulder looks this season!

As expected, there was a fabulous round-up of links in the forum as well, all worthy of your eyeballs!

Links à la Mode : February 25th

39th and Broadway - A Side of the Industry Unknown by Most: Life as a Corporate Fashion Designer
British Style Bloggers - Cherish forever what makes you unique, 'cos you're a yawn once it's gone
Cafe Fashionista - A step-by-step guide to looking luxurious even when lounging
Clutch22 -Up close and personal with Vivienne Tam as she expands her fashion+tech innovations to a new category
CMYKaboom - Independent Fashion Bloggers (IFB) 'Tweet Up in the Tents' event
Debutante Clothing - Vintage Jewelry: Q&A with Lucite line Circa Sixty Three
Fabulous Finds Gal - Moonstuck at the opera with photographer Bersa
Fashion Pulse Daily - Sonia Rykiel Pour H&M; the debut and the review
Holier Than Now - New Take on Florals (5 Under $50)
Idiosyncratic Style - A Girl's Guide to Maternity Style
Independent Fashion Bloggers : Evolving Influence Recap : Part One
Individual Chic: - Would you have wanted a Computer Engineer Barbie when you were smaller? Or would you love one now?
Night Watch - 10 Questions with Model Clara Zapffe
Ode to Awe - Denmark based Alidra Alic's Alice-inspired jewelry
Oranges and Apples - Rules for advertising and sponsorship on blogs
Retro Chick - The Ethics of Blogging
Smiles Go with Everything -10 Tips for Shopping on Ebay: How to find great deals on awesome duds.
The Coveted - Visits Nine West HQ for a sneak peak of AW10 shoe collections!
The Style PA - Gives Henry Holland a grilling ahead of his House of Holland show.
The Sunday Best - Do men get better service when they shop?
Wicked Whimsy -What to look for when buying vintage shoes
Workchic - Fall 2010 NY Fashion week collections: recreated runway to the office outfits

Set du Jour: J.Crew meets Lanvin and Beamon

A bit of high-low style for today. In another fashion challenge from "What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear?" I couldn't resist using a gorgeous bright yellow python bag and beautiful silk tee from Lanvin with a the challenge item, a J.Crew Skirt, and threw in a TopShop cardigan for good measure.

I absolutely love the intricate Victoria Cross brooch from Erickson Beamon...

Emma Pillsbury Abstract Lattice Pencil Skirt

February 24, 2010

Anthropologie Free Shipping + Secret Sale Items?

Hey all! Thanks to Effortless for breaking the news that free shipping is back for Anthro card members on the Anthropologie site.

As of now, the free shipping is still up and working for West Coast U.S. customers. I just ordered a nice little package for myself. Note that when you checkout the free shipping will be VERY subtle. The amount you saved will show up in the Promo line when they give your your order totals. There's no promo code or coupon code necessary.

On to the Secret Sale items that I *think* I managed to purchase. Technique for getting access: Go to your wishlist. Look for any and all sale items (the prices will be highlighted in purple). Then if there is no out of stock to the right of it, try hitting "add to bag" then see if you can checkout as usual.

Below are two items on my wishlist that I checked out. I will update this post if I end up with a message saying they were really out of stock and it was some sort of blip. However, *fingers crossed* let's hope they ship 'em to me!

Full Canvas Cardigan, $49.95

Quilted Velvet Jacket by Ruffian, $49.95
Style #913673

Unfortunately I don't know of any other method to gain or link access to these items as the item pages have already been pulled down. Going back to my wishlist after checkout, these items appear to be "out of stock"... any ideas?

What have you bought with your free shipping?

Mizrahi 24 - Question 5

This is the 5th in a series of questions from Isaac Mizrahi's fantastic book How to Have Stylewith my personal answers below.

Describing Your Style
, Question #5: What would you never be caught wearing?

I'll be pretty brutal here:
1) Cargo pants - I never understood why anybody thought cargo pants were flattering to any real woman. Utilitarian, drab colours, and hideous pockets. Need I say more?
2) Head-to-toe black - So many women do it. But it's just not my thing. I love colour too much! Works on many others, the iconic Audrey Hepburn for example.
3) Rhinestone or glitter jeans - I don't care if many of these are priced in the 3 figures. Having my butt sparkle at you while I walk away is not my fashion goal in life.

Photo Credit: The Picnic Girl

February 23, 2010

Tuesday Tips Vol 5 - The Johnny

"There are some things I keep sacred. My middle name. Who I sleep with. And what kind of hand moisturizer I use." -- Johnny Weir

Johnny is always lovable, outrageous, funny and completely himself. No matter if the "establishment" doesn't reward Johnny with medals or if you dislike his fashion choices, he's probably the only American male figure skater right now, who I would consider truly "exciting" to watch... an Adam Lambert on ice.

And yes, if you find the holy grail of hand moisturizers -- you keep that to yourself.

Below is a clip showing the the sweeter, funnier side of Johnny, that news outlets seem to ignore in favor of the outrageous and controversial. The clips are from the Sundance show Be Good Johnny Weir.

And also a clip of Johnny discussing the harsh realities of the figure skating lifestyle...

February 22, 2010

Video Review: Anthropologie Guinevere Cardigan

This is an off-catalog item that's currently not available online, so check with your local store if they have it.

It's a pretty Guinevere brand cardigan that is a fairly lightweight cotton, I believe, with gorgeous ruffles and trimmings. The colour is actually a purple-blue in real life, even though it's called "blue." Full tags are at the end of the video. The style number is 17630191 and retails for $88.

Verdict: Colour didn't particularly suit my olive skin though I love the trimmings. Hence, waiting for the sale rack :) Tall girls may have sizing issues. I'm wearing an S and it was already quite short for a cardigan.

Enjoy the video!

Sidenote: The plaid pants I'm wearing in the video are by Cartonnier (style# 16946956) and gapped in the back, though you can't see in the video. Furthermore, it seems that Anthropologie is now making Cartonnier pants out of purely synthetic materials *big frown*, rather than high quality cotton, which really turns me off. Personally I wouldn't recommend them at all.

Update (3/6): Anthropologie.com is now carrying this as as their Roaming Frills Cardigan (style#013141). The colours are blue (as seen in my video), ivory, and dark grey.

February 21, 2010

What I Love Now! - February Faves

Braids Are Back: Every single possible fashion or style related magazine has boldly declared that braids are the new "it" hairstyle. I am actually quite pleased, as being a child of the 80s, braids bring back fond memories.

While I haven't found a fast way to get the coveted side ponytail (above), Tonytail's Thin (1/4") or Thick Braidies (1/2") are a very fast way to get a "halo" braid without much effort. Essentially it's a headband with a faux hair braid.

I'm also a fan of their Tonytail ponytail wraps (which you could actually use to finish off your braid). I personally have been using the Dark Brown which blends in really nice with my hair and was good enough to fool a coworker into thinking I did it with my own hair!

Glamour magazine has an excellent article with photos on various ways to wear braids.

Sitting Pretty: I've always been a fan of girlish clothing, and was rather depressed at the heavy usage of greys and blacks this winter. So I love that ruffles, lace, and embellishment are back in stores and on the catwalk.

Free People Draped Lace Top (Style #17890500)
Free People Corset Tank (Style #17856477)

Vintage Georg Jensen: Georg Jensen was a Danish designer of silverware and jewelry in the early 20th century. The modernized version of the brand still exists, but I have to say the vintage is much more intricate and beautiful:

February 19, 2010

SF Bay Area Secret Anthro Outlets

It's not a very well known fact, but Anthropologie does actually sell items it can't sell in stores to outlets. Yes, such is where Anthropologie clothes get their 2nd chance at life.

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, here are the places you can go to:

Jeremy's - Keep in mind that many items sold at Jeremy's have some small defect or damage as it is an outlet store. So look carefully! However, if you're handy with a needle and thread this can be remedied. On occasion, some truly spectacular bargains can be had.

Moulinette Seours Sabine Dress ($79, orig $158), Floreat dress ($45), and AG jeans ($89) are for sale this week (pictures below). You can sign up for their weekly email alerts here.

Loehmann's - I was very surprised to see a Guinevere sweater from last year at my local Loehmann's last week. This may be a new partnership that I certainly hope will continue. Anthropologie's carefree sister brand, Free People, can regularly be found and often in a good variety of sizes and colours.

Nordstrom Rack - It does take some digging, but usually some Leifsdottir can be found. Keep in mind that since Leifsdottir is a high end brand to begin with, you will likely still need to fork over $100 per item. Free People will also show up from time to time.

February 18, 2010

Inspiration: Rock Candy Necklaces

J. Crew just unveiled a gorgeous oversized crystal statement necklace to its subscribers... it looks very much like sweet rock candy strung up with a nice contrast of industrial metal. It comes in both gunmetal (silver metal and pink stones) and copper (copper metal with peach stones).

My favorite is the copper. How about you?

Links a la Mode: Style vs Fashion

links a la mode

Style vs Fashion

Edited by Retro Chick

With the Fashion Week season in full swing and Fashion Pulse Daily live blogging from the IFB conference it can be easy to forget that there are other things going on in the world, where real women are shopping and dressing for real occasions.

There were actually surprisingly few Fashion Week oriented posts submitted this week. Possibly the Fashion Week attendees are still too busy to partake in Links á la Mode, but what I did find was a lot of posts focused on fashion, style and image in the real world. A Typical Atypical calls for a low fashion revolution and Idiosyncratic Style urges you to bring out your cocktail frocks for every day. Meanwhile, in the body image arena Intrinsically Florrie learns to love her specs, Sugar & Spice discusses tanning and Mariels Castle weighs in (see what I did there?) on the body size debate.

It would be impossible to leave this weeks links without mentioning the untimely and incredibly sad death of Alexander McQueen. There were posts submitted on this issue but I made the decision not to include them, not because they were bad, but because I felt that if I included one persons post I would need to include them all. There has been so much personal reflection on the life and designs of this amazing man in the fashion blogging world that to choose a small selection seemed impossible. If you would like to read these posts then, as ever, the full list of submissions is available in the forums.

Links à la Mode: February 18th

  • A Typical Atypical – What girls really want to read about, and why fashion bloggers are changing the face of fashion
  • Bonne Vie – Cultural Appropriation vs Cultural Inspiration: What you borrow from another culture when it comes to wardrobe should be thoughtful
  • Confessions of a Fashion Editor – Dear New Look; it’s over!
  • Eternal Masquerade – Covering the Parallels Between Our Current Winter Wonderland and Under the Sea Fashions
  • Fashion Pulse Daily – Fashion Pulse Daily blogs live from the Future of Fashion Blogging panel during IFB’s Evolving influence conference this week!
  • Hot Beauty Health – Ready for Spring? Here are 9 Big Beauty Trends for Spring 2010!
  • Idiosyncratic Style – Fashion Dare – Let your party frocks come out and play!
  • Intrinsically Florrie – Making a spectacle of oneself: learning to love glasses and finding the right pair
  • Mariels Castle – It’s not about been skinny or fat its about being healthy!
  • Retro Chick – Love, Lust & Burlesque with the Bridewell Collective
  • SFindiefashion.com – Spring comes early to Golden Gate Park. Showcase of spring 2010 looks from San Francisco designers.
  • Stacie Blair – Show your Olympic spirit with fashionable gear from Aritzia!
  • Style Eyes – The dilemma of a fashion blogger and why I’m taking Dame Vivienne Westwoods advice to stop shopping
  • Style Symmetry – Fashion Blogger Interview Kingdom of Style’s Queen Michelle
  • Sugar and spice and all things nice – Discussing the dangers of tanning and why the only safe tan is one from a bottle!!
  • The Clothing Menu – interview with independent jewelry and clothing designer, Norwegian Wood
  • The Fashion Planner – The Fashion Planner is hosting an eUndies.com Giveaway!
  • The Very Subjective – very subjective (and therefore – very true) observations about style do’s and do not’s.
  • Thread Style – Heel-wearing fashionistas also can be feminists.
  • twentyteneightyfour – My thoughts on style vs fashion and how our appetite for fashion blogs is part of our quest for style
  • ventures of jenn – The Great Vintage Debate: the ‘price’ of vintage both within and outside of the western world and what it really means.

February 17, 2010

Mizrahi 24 - Question 4

This is the 4th in a series of questions from Isaac Mizrahi's fantastic book How to Have Style with my personal answers below.

Describing Your Style
, Question #4:
What's your least favorite [body part]? And the part you try to camouflage?

For a long time, as a child, I hated my nose, which I thought was far too big for my face. Fortunately, the rest of my face ultimately caught up with my nose. Later on, after taking on yoga, my formerly pear-shaped self took on more balanced proportions, and dressing became easier.

For now, I will say that my belly is usually my least favorite. Although my waistline could hardly be considered large, the coveted flat belly is still... coveted. Yes, even petite and otherwise thin women can have a little paunchiness due to genetic inheritance and/or stress. Such is life.

February 16, 2010

Tuesday Tips Vol 4 - The Veronica

"The one thing about fashion is everyone wants that one moment when they look fabulous and they feel fabulous, you know…when they step out of that limosine, when they make that entrance, when they slap that man's face…when everything is perfect. Its about going for that one moment and we are all relentlessly trying to get it." --Veronica Webb

Hurrah to Veronica's humorous statement! All man slapping fun aside, fashion is so much about how it makes the wearer feel, creating the perfect moment. In a way, much like how an artist pursues the perfect painting, fashion lovers pursue the perfect wardrobe selections in order to create the perfect outfit for any occasion. Either that or we use that as an excuse to buy that 20th cardigan... as I am happy to do so :)

Photo Credit: Staple Design

February 15, 2010

WWEPW Fashion Challenge

Hello sweet reader!

Danielle over at WWEPW (What would Emma Pillsbury Wear?) is having a fantastic Fashion challenge to put together an outfit around a beautiful yellow Alice + Olivia blouse, worn by none other than Emma Pillsbury from Glee.

Below is my humble submission so you can see what I've been up to all day! I am sure there will be many submissions from those talented in creating Polyvore outfits and look forward to seeing all of them!

February 14, 2010

Review: Vermillion Flurry Blouse

in Red Motif
Style# 913974

I have to say that this blouse really caught my eye. It's a fantastic piece of silk in a really rich orange-red that is very eye-catching. I love the contrast white detailing on the sleeves. But take a look at my video below. As you can see, it probably will be too short on tall girls or come off as being a bit cropped. For reference I'm wearing a 2.

Verdict: If I didn't care about the cost I would've already bought this. Great length for petites!

February 13, 2010

Video Review: Shae Pondside Cardigan

Shae Pondside Cardigan in Turquoise
Style#17198631 (see video for full tag info)
Orig $118 Now: $29.95

I'll admit it. This sweater does not look good on the hangar and looked so-so online. I (and probably every other shopper) bypassed it several times until it ended up on a lonely sale rack. Then on a whim decided to try it on since I was in need of a thick, cozy sweater.

What you don't know from the online picture is each of these sweaters is actually unique. The patches of white, green, brown and grey vary with each garment. Compare the one I am wearing to the photo above and you'll see that it's not exactly the same garment.

Below is my first attempt at a video review as I think it's helpful to see how clothes move. But let me know in the comments if you prefer this format or plain pictures instead!

Verdict: Works well for petites. I bought one in an S (sized up 1 size).

February 11, 2010

And the votes are in...

For what readers would like to see more of in this blog

7 votes for Anthropologie clothing reviews
3 votes for Real life photos
1 vote for Shopping Guides
1 vote for Inspirational/Artsy posts

Now that I know what you love, dear readers, I hope to have some new content up soon that'll satisfy your fashion cravings!

Links a la Mode: The Anti-Fashion Week

links a la mode

The Anti-Fashion Week

Edited by Dramatis Personae

That isn’t to say that I’m against Fashion Week… but more that this week’s Links á la Mode just really isn’t focused on it. With amazing interviews from kaKofoniesOfsi(gh)lens, Fashion in My Eyes, and Eternal Masquerade to great features on vintage clothing from Retro Chick and Unfunded, there’s as much fabulousness on off the catwalk as on.

Maybe it’s bitterness that I’ll be missing out on NYFW for the 3rd season in a row or maybe it’s my gentle heart preventing you all from Fashion Week burnout too soon…which it is, I’ll never tell.

Note from Editor : Please be sure to check out the IFB Conference at NYFW : Evolving Influence

Links à la Mode: February 11th

  • 39thandbroadway.com: – How Designers Really View Their Customers
  • A Typical Atypical: – I chat about how hard it must be to love fashion and be blind, and I question whether there ought to be a charity dedicated to helping people feel good about how they look even if they can’t see it in the mirror.
  • Cafe Fashionista: – Style Secrets: Symbol of Style. A how-to on creating your very own trademark/signature look.
  • dramatis personae – How to Pack for Mardi Gras!
  • Eternal Masquerade: – Interview with young designer, and Teen Vogue/CFDA/Target scholarship winner, Jennifer Huang.
  • Fab Blab: – Even after all these years, we continue to differentiate between dark and fair. How does this affect the fashion industry adversely?
  • Fashion Cents: – Seven Style Basics that EVERYONE should know! Make sure you are not committing these style “sins.”
  • fashion in my eyes: – Fashion is supposed to be fun! Interview with designer Arina Varga
  • Haute World: – A Mad Tea Party? An exclusive look at how 9 luxury designers interpret Alice in Wonderland for French department store Printemps.
  • Instant Vintage: – Blood, Sweat & T-Shirts: Learning the true cost of that cheap and chic outfit you just scored.
  • kaKofonie Of si(gh)lenS: – Interview with Anna Osterlund of Ravishing Mad
  • Model Max: – Are ‘respectable’ fashion writers insecure with ‘upstart amateur’ fashion bloggers?
  • Oranges and Apples: – Is fashion oppressive or fun? some belated thoughts on Tanya Gold hating fashion
  • Rags to Reverie: – Vivienne Westwood showed that fashion forwardness could be inspired by the past
  • Retro Chick: – Top tips to on the spot dating of Vintage Clothes
  • THE COVETED: – Devil’s Advocate : blogging and corporate seeding
  • The Fashion Planner: – DIY: How to Make Naughty Granny Panties for Valentine’s Day!
  • the musings of ondo lady: – Back in 2006 Slave to Fashion, a three part documentary was aired on Channel 4 which took a really good look at the fashion industry.The aim was to make sense of the multi billion industry which everyone from the media to consumers seemed to be obsessed w
  • The Recessionista: – an hour ago Rebecca Taylor & Milly: Fashion Week Inspiration
  • Unfunded: – Photos and thoughts from the Vintage Fashion Expo in Santa Monica, CA.The

February 10, 2010

Mizrahi 24 Series - Question 3

This is the 3rd in a series of questions from Isaac Mizrahi's fantastic book How to Have Style with my personal answers below.

Describing Your Style
, Question #3:
From your teeth to your toes, lips to legs, what's your favorite body part?

Tough question, I would say my almond-shaped brown eyes. Though, other folks would probably say my cheery smile!

I know the natural female way is often to prefer the exact opposite of what we are born with - every curly haired girl wants to have straight hair, every straight haired girl wants to have curly hair. However, thank you Isaac for asking us to identify what we like.

February 09, 2010

Tuesday Tips Vol 3 - The Alek

"I have no problem with whatever the next big look is. Just don’t try to tell me that only one look is beautiful."-- Alek Wek

Too often fashion devolves into following only the latest trend rather than developing a true personal style and owning what you wear. And in truth, it's those who are unique, such as Alek, who become iconic and instantly recognizable. It's a good thing to think about whenever we face new trends which may not suit our personal style or body. Her beautiful photo is below for inspiration:

Alek Wek at the Costume Institute Gala
in Emanuel Ungaro
Photo Credit: Style.com Hannah Thomson

February 08, 2010

Monday Musing - Andre Leon Talley joins ANTM

The fashion news scene is buzzing today with news on Andre Leon Talley (of Vogue fame) joining America's Next Top Model as a judge for Cycle 14.

I think this is a great new direction for the show. Viewers (such as myself) want more fashion, and less reality. Otherwise we'd all be watching Amazing Race. In fact, I hope we'll see less catfighting and eyerolling levels of girly angst. Though it makes for a lot of drama, I think most fellow watchers of the show are ultimately turned off by it.

What will also be interesting is to see if any girls truly breakout into "Top Model" fame. ANTM has yet to produce it's Kelly Clarkson or Leona Lewis. Unfortunately the news that Nicole Fox landed an Alexander McQueen contract turned out to be sadly untrue.

Let's hope Andre Leon Talley's influence will change things for the better... and ANTM will be able to churn out a true Top Model without losing it's ability to embrace diverse beauty.

February 07, 2010

Sweet Codes: Shu, Sephora, and Terrain

Shu Uemura Code: VALENTINE - free pair of false eyelashes (dazzling sapphire diamante) on orders above $75 placed online. Expires: February 7th, 2010

Sephora Code: TOUCHDOWN - free standard shipping on orders of $25 or more. Valid through February 8, 2010.

Terrain Code: VDAY - free standard shipping on orders of $50 or more. Valid through February 12, 2010.

February 06, 2010

Inspiration: The New Emma

I am currently very much inspired by the latest remake of Jane Austen's Emma. Besides gorgeous costumes and shot after shot of softly lit scenes, Emma has that elegance and wit that Masterpiece manages to pull off so well.

A review is below on the looks from the film:

Clothing: I absolutely loved the understated use of simple cotton fabrics paired with intricate pleating work and soft, feminine colours. The film is almost a case study in how to create infinite variations on one simple dress shape, the empire waist, and suit it to all sorts of looks, from the modest to the elegant to the ostentatious.

While the long empire waist gown is no longer in fashion, the pairings of simple cottons, use of pleating, soft pastels, and understated elegance still can be translated into modern fashion.

Hair: This is truly a feast of intricate up-do's and various curls and ringlets, all done with a seemingly natural feel. No helmet hair or product heavy looks here. I think, a modernized translation would be the simple French chignon.

Makeup: Very au naturel. Glowy soft skin and always always, a hint of blushing pinks to the cheeks. I noticed in online closeup photos, that almost every single character had a bit of pink eyeshadow to enhance their eyes. Overall, these looks have the sort of pretty radiance women crave and always transcends time.

The New Emma
The New Emma

For those wanting to watch the the actual video, PBS has posted the episodes 1 and 2 online, which will be available thru March 9 for viewing. Episode 3 will be available February 8. I highly recommend it to really get the full flavor of the looks throughout the film. Or just curl up and watch it on PBS.

February 04, 2010

Links a la Mode: The Love/Hate Relationship With Fashion

links a la mode

The Love/Hate Relationship With Fashion

Edited by Debutante Clothing

I’m always complaining about going out to fashion events by myself – I just don’t have many friends that are into fashion. While some people think fashion is frivolous and contributes nothing to the world, others are curating museum exhibits featuring 20th century clothing. This week’s links made me think about the love/hate camps in fashion. Starting with Grit and Glamour’s post on bloggers getting backlash from fashion insiders, Houndstooth + Tortoiseshell’s refreshingly funny admission of Tavi envy, or Fab Lab’s hate of people who hate. But there is some love in sight – British Style Bloggers reminds us to look in the mirror and love ourselves. Enjoy!

Note from Editor : Please be sure to check out the IFB Conference at NYFW : Evolving Influence

Links à la Mode: February 4th

February 03, 2010

Mizrahi 24 Series - Question 2

This is the 2nd in a series of questions from Isaac Mizrahi's fantastic book How to Have Style with my personal answers below.

Describing Your Style
, Question #2:
Which color combination(s) do you wear most frequently?

The colour combinations I wear most frequently are:
  • Shades of pinks and peaches
  • Layers of whites and ivories
  • Red with black or white
  • Soft pastel-coloured tops with neutral trousers
An example of a peachy/orange and silvery blue colour combination which I would definitely wear in real life:

Claudine Tee from RicRac in Orange (Anthro style #013039)
Set Sail Trousers by Elevenses in Mist (Anthro style #020008)

What colour combinations are your favorites?

February 02, 2010

2nd Cut: Anthro AG Stevie Corduroys and Snowscape Tank

My local Anthropologie surprisingly already cut the price on these cords to $49.95, even though the website still shows them at $99.95, potentially because there are so few of them left.

I've been waiting for these cords to go on sale since literally Nov 2009, because I couldn't bear the idea of forking over $158 for a pair of casual pants. I finally scored a pair and they are so soft. These are thin wale corduroy pants which are very plush with a 98% cotton/2% Lycra mix. Since they are slim leg, I actually sized up to a comfy 28R; I figured they would shrink up a bit in the wash and work well when I still need to wear a baselayer underneath (i.e. now). However, I could've gone with a more typical 26R or 27R if I wanted to truly go for the stick slim effect.

Verdict: Run, don't walk if you can still find your size.

(Style# 910292)

This gorgeous bit of hammered satin has gone thru 2nd markdowns in store to $39.95. Unfortunately I found the straps to be far too long for a petite figure such as myself. The decoration of the tank also tends to make it sag a bit downwards in front.

Verdict: For the tall or busted only.

Tuesday Tips Vol 2 - The Pierre

"The jean! The jean is the destructor! It is a dictator! It is destroying creativity. The jean must be stopped!" -- Pierre Cardin

I have to agree that too often women throw on a pair of jeans, add a cute top, and that's about it. Then you go to casual parties, and see a whole slew of women with nothing but jeans and a cute top. In fact, I think the whole reason tank tops cost so much is because there's an entire army of women willing to pay top dollar for them to pair with their jeans.

In other words, tomorrow is a new day, why not try something new?

Clothing: Spring 2010 Armani Prive Couture
Katsia Zingarevich (ELITE)

February 01, 2010

Upcoming: Girls Night Out at Blackhawk

Girls Night Out is happening again at Blackhawk Plaza. This time it'll be Friday Feb 5 from 5:30 until 8pm. While usually there's no particular sales at the Anthropologie there specifically for these events, it's always a fun excuse to shop around anyways. Currently the description is that it will be an "evening of beauty, fashion, wine, music, and special offers at this fabulous and free event."
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