March 31, 2010

Leifsdottir Launches New Capsule Collection

For all the Leifsdottir fans out there, the brand has launched a new Summer 2010 Collection named La Louisiane, presumably due to the Southern flair in the pieces.

I think the most unique item in the collection would be the Rosewood Leather Skirt, which interestingly uses scalloped, eyelet leather tiers, something you would normally only see done in a summer cotton.

24.10 Cheapo Nation

This is the 9th in a series of questions from Isaac Mizrahi's fantastic book How to Have Style with my personal answers below. Would love to hear your take in the comments!

How to Have StyleDescribing your Style, Question #10:
What would you never spend a lot of money on? Handbags? Jeans? Shoes? Makeup? Other?
Tees, cotton shirts, jeans and general basics are items I don't spend much money on. I simply don't see the point of $50+ tee shirts, even the J. Crew "art" tee shirts, because I simply prefer to spend on items where additional dollars make a big difference in the level of quality and design. A tee is a tee at the end of the day.
Also any items made of man made materials - i.e. polyester, nylon etc... I refuse to spend good money on since I know they won't last.

I'm not a huge spender on makeup either since most days I wear very little to no makeup, which I think is pretty widespread in the San Francisco Bay Area. Though some gals do wear a bit, the general "look" tends towards natural and relaxed rather than overly coiffed.

March 30, 2010

Review: Soft Shoe Oxfords + Larkspur Capelet

This review is for Mia, who asked for my review of the Soft Shoe Oxfords per my last enthusiastic post...

$19.95 orig $88
style #043074

Unfortunately, although reviews have said these shoes run small, I still found the size 6's I ordered way to big for my size 5/5.5 feet. I would say the shoes are rather narrow but not enough to make one order down 1 full size.

Some positives: Beautiful shiny patent leather, Brazil-made, fairly soft soles, and super cute leopard print lining.
Some negatives: The soles were fairly thin and didn't have treads carved into them. So I'm not sure how well they would hold up if you want to really pound the pavement with them. Also, they did have a bit of a plastic-y smell to them.

Verdict: Order your own size and try them on to see if you like them. Too bad they didn't have my size otherwise I probably would've wanted to keep a pair.

$49.95, orig $188
style #030004

Not sure what exactly happened, but the Capelet dress appears to have been modified slightly since the online photos were taken. The one I received had a small lace panel around the bust area and the capelet seems to be a bit smaller than in the photo. Also, it was fairly low cut for a petite person even with the lace panel.

In any case, this dress didn't really pop on me. Despite wearing a size 0, it seemed to make me look even smaller and more pear-shaped than I am. The dress was completely reliant on elastic smocking and didn't use any zippers. Furthermore, the back of the dress tended to sag as though it were still too big for me.

Verdict: Pass. I took this one back. Frankly, not a well-constructed dress out of Anthropologie despite being made out of silk. The quality and execution could use some re-thinking, though the capelet idea is nice for gals who want something other than sleeveless. Not the best work I've seen from Corey Lynn Calter...

March 29, 2010

Dear Anthropologie: What the ?!?!

Dear Anthropologie,

You make beautiful clothes, accessories and items for the home. But I have a complaint about the designer who created this hideous monster of a necklace, out of metal, acrylic, fabric, glass, and wayyy too much crystal...

style #043287

I don't care if the inspiration was purple flower meets Olympic silver medal, no woman should wear this around her neck. Frankly, it looks like a bad design idea from a summer intern (heck, in this economy, maybe it is). Perhaps the best thing to do with this necklace is strip it down for parts and give it to the talented etsy upcyclers to make it into something beautiful.

I propose you encourage aforesaid designer to create more beautiful and wearable lovelies such as the one below, a beautiful, surprising and unique combination pin inspired by the gecko and peacock. A truly sophisticated and amazing item:

style #040106

I am waiting.

Sincerely yours,


March 28, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!

Hello sweet readers,

It's my 26th birthday and I just wanted to wish all the other Aries girls a big, happy birthday! I've already had some fantastic fun the past 2 days having an excellent lunch with JKL at the cafe of Chez Panisse, shopping at Jeremy's (Moulinette Soeurs dress for $22!), Gia (linen pencil skirt for $10?!), FIT (had to pickup some Laundress Delicate Wash, smells divine), and a scrumptious Queen's Tea with my cousin at The English Rose. Whew... and I scheduled 3 more days of vacation for myself ;)

Chez Panisse
Photo Credit:

Tea room at the English Rose
Photo credit: The English Rose

Thank you all so much for reading my blog and sending me supportive comments, it means a lot to me. I plan to keep writing and and hope you'll enjoy the next year with me!




March 27, 2010

Sweetness for Less: Blair Waldorf Rope Headband

Last Spring, I did a post about Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf vintage Gold Knot Headwrap. This year Anthropologie came out with an inexpensive knockoff -- it's Golden Rope Headband:

The Inspiration:

Jennifer Behr Vintage Gold Knot Headwrap, $225

The Look-alike:

style #043203

Quite a good knockoff isn't it?

March 26, 2010

Wanted: Roslyn Blouse from Spool No. 72

Lately, I've been checking out Spool No. 72, a cool women's clothing site that has a bit of an indie feel and is fairly well curated. I haven't bought anything from them yet, but have been eyeing the Roslyn Blouse, which has some great embroidery work on 100% cotton, perfect for summer:

Which do you think is prettier? The original in pink or the deep blue?

March 25, 2010

Mizrahi 24.9 - Splurges

This is the 9th in a series of questions from Isaac Mizrahi's fantastic book How to Have Style with my personal answers below. Would love to hear your take in the comments!

How to Have StyleDescribing your Style, Question #9:
What do you splurge on? Handbags? Jeans? Shoes? Makeup? Other?
In total I spend alot of my money on clothes. But, per item I have a strong tendency to wait for the sales rack to stretch my budget and rarely buy full priced items unless it's something really special. The one major exception is that I will splurge on great coats and jackets.
Other items which I tend to splurge more on are: leather handbags/shoes and skin care because $5 creams don't work on me ( tells me I spent $700+ last year at Sephora which is ungodly and somewhat embarassing).
Well readers, what do you splurge on?

March 23, 2010

Inspiration: Alexia Sinclair Queens

I'm completely amazed by the insanely beautiful digital montage work from Alexia Sinclair. She combines photography and illustration work and then puts together some truly spectacular works (oh and can I buy all the clothing? seriously...)

Currently, she's working on the Royal Dozen (kings) to complement her Regal Twelve (queens):

Christina of Sweden - The Androgynous Queen (1626 – 1689)
Credit: © Alexia Sinclair

I wish my trips to the woods would involve pale blue gown, fantastic feather headdress and elegant bow and arrow...

Elizabeth I – The Virgin Queen (1533-1603)
Credit: © Alexia Sinclair

The idea to put Elizabeth as the "White Queen" against all the chess pieces (her royal subjects) was brilliant. Very "Alice in Wonderland" ...

Alexandra Romanov – The last Czarina of Russia (1872-1918)
Credit: © Alexia Sinclair

I love the white Russian fur cap and intricate coat. So stunning! And I would totally wear it...

March 22, 2010

What I love now! - March Hare Edition

Throw on the Sunbar: As the sun starts beating down in California, I've started slathering on the sunscreen to protect my pale olive skin from freckling and sun damage. Last year, I tried to go economical with Mustela High Protection Sun Lotion SPF 50 and it was far too heavy for my face. As a result, I've gone back to a tried-and-true favorite: Sunbar UVShield SPF 48 from B. Kamins, $40. It's one of the few high SPF sunscreens that don't make my skin breakout, uses both mineral and chemical sunscreens, and protects against both UVA and UVB, and it moisturizes! Yay!

Got Oxfords? I've been searching around for a cute pair of leather oxfords to bridge the spring weather between chilly mornings and warm afternoons. Also I've always wanted to dabble in a bit of the menswear chic look for women to contrast with my usual pretty-girl taste. Unfortunately, Anthropologie doesn't carry many shoes below a 6 (I usually wear a 5 or 5 1/2). Thanks to the glories of free shipping, I decided to take a chance on the Soft Shoe Oxfords in a 6, seeing the online reviews say they run small:
$19.95 orig $88
style #043074

Of course, I threw in an order for the pretty silk Larkspur Capelet Dress with crossed fingers it'll work out for me as well:

$49.95, orig $188
style #030004

Hinged Bangles from Alexis Bittar - If you're not yet familiar with the brand, Alexis Bittar is an American jewelry line famous for its beautifully carved lucite. Although I know that these bangles are all far too large for my petite wrists, I love them anyways!

March 21, 2010

Review: Cinched Strands Belt

style #944371
$29.95 orig. $52.00

I'll admit I'm not a belt girl and don't wear or own many. I tried this on in store for fun and thought it was quite pretty and flattering. Even though it may come off initially as "country" when you look at it hanging in the store. On the body it is really just "pretty." It's also very adjustable which is a plus.

Sizing: The small is a true small and works for petite waists without alot of excess belt left over.

Verdict: Not being a big on belts I decided to pass. But may work for you if you love interesting, wide belts!

March 20, 2010

Review: Hansel from Basel Garland Tights

style #953383
$19.95 orig. $38

I love all the wool blend tights that Anthropologie releases every winter, as they keep you nice and warm! So I make sure to pick them up whenever I can find a pretty one at my local store. Previously, the ones I had bought were under the Tintoretta brand, but Hansel from Basel is an LA-based hosiery brand.

In general, look for ones that have an "anti-pill" blend as they are made so that you won't get a lot of little fuzz balls stuck to your legs!

Sizing: Fits true to size. I got a S/M.

Verdict: Totally worth it to spend the extra bucks for tights with wool in them...Adorable pattern.

March 19, 2010

Not your Mama's Cotton Totes

Let's face it, cotton totes usually are usually associated with drab bits of canvas that are better geared towards a trip to the grocery store rather than any fashion statement. But this Spring/Summer season I noticed many cotton totes that were truly up to par to their leather cousins in terms of design:

Also available in Navy.

Fake a high end tote using a posh print on sturdy cotton? Fantastic idea! I have yet to see this one in stores, but will definitely be keeping an eye out for it.

This comes in 4 different prints, but my favorite is the chic Bird. I love the little dangling key and cheery red straps. If it looks as good in person as the photos, this will be on my Summer wishlist...

Trina is always great at doing West Coast cool. This beach bag is not only super cute, but apparently also "folds flat for storage... also is it just me or is this a bit too good to be just a Beach Bag?

March 18, 2010

Review: Elevenses Snapshot Jacket

style #913874
$79.95 orig. $148

This is totally a knockoff of the classic Chanel jacket, but unlike many knockoffs doesn't come off as too granny-ish. My one gripe that almost made me toss it was that the tweed didn't contain more wool and was largely made of manmade materials. However, the cut and cinched waist are fantastic, and it's beautifully lined. The ultimate result is a very chic jacket that's versatile.

As for the website description, I haven't a darn clue why it says there's a "removable corsage" because there's none to be seen on the photo or any of the jackets I've seen in person. Hello, copy editor?

Sizing: I thought it fit quite true to size and bought a 0. Beware for tall girls 22"L may run on the short side for you. Of course, as a petite gal I was totally pleased!

Verdict: This along with Lil's Boundless Blazer was part of my weekend haul.

March 17, 2010

Mizrahi 24.8 - 1 Item in Your Closet

This is the 8th in a series of questions from Isaac Mizrahi's fantastic book How to Have Style with my personal answers below.

Describing Your Style
, Question #8: What's the one item in your closet that you wear again and again and again?

It took me a while to figure this one out, because usually I like to mix it up a bit. So besides the obvious shoes, coats and watches, I would say this blouse from Alice Temperley for Target does get a lot of wear because it's romantic/pretty/unique, yet so versatile I can wear it with anything. I seriously should've just bought three of them at the time.

What is one item in your closet that you wear all the time?

March 16, 2010

Manpacks - Clean Undies for your Man!

Oh the valuable things you learn by listening to NPR. Manpacks is an online service that delivers clean underwear to guys every 3 months so they don't have to shop for underwear again.

Why shopping for underwear is a problem for guys I seriously don't know. Costco (aka Man-co) carries tons of them and seem to be suitably macho enough for any guy to grab a 3 pack of socks, undies, or shirts during his weekly trips. However, according to the site itself:

We believe that most men are fully capable of ensuring they have clean stuff to wear. The task just happens to be low priority.

Evidently much lower than buying those 2 gallon jugs of peanut butter with a Plasma TV on the side...

I'm not sure if Manpacks is somewhat insulting towards the intelligence of men and just perpetuates the Cave Man stereotype. Or, if it's just a genius gimmick to sell more Hanes in a convenient and somewhat funny way. (Literally the site is just selling Hanes). Or maybe everybody just wants the equivalent of a care package from Mommy.

In any case, I thought the concept was at minimum, fun, and that my sweet readers would get a chuckle out of it. And no, I don't think a Ladypacks site is warranted. I can shop for my own underwear...thank you very much.

Would you sign up your beau/son/brother for a Manpack?

March 15, 2010

Sweetness for Less: Sousa Regalia Cardi Knockoff

Thanks to Danielle at WWEPW for the tip that there's a very good knockoff of the original Tracy Reese Sousa Regalia Cardigan sold at Anthropologie.

The Inspiration:

Tracy Reese Sousa Regalia Cardigan, $215
style #813465

The Look-alike:

The Limited Frog Closure Cardigan $59
Item #5508305

You can see the waist is cropped shorter in the Limited version and the sleeves have been modified. I'm not sure if the colour of the frog closures are actually off due to the material itself or merely the photography. Also if I'm looking at the Limited version, the frog closures seem to have been sewn in a bit crooked, though let's hope that any ones you encounter in-store would be properly sewn.

March 14, 2010

Review: Lil's Boundless Blazer

Lil's Boundless Blazer in British Khaki
style #010010
$59.95, orig. $118

As much as I am not a big fan of khaki in general, this jacket definitely has a fantastic fit along waist and is tailored very close to the body. I'm so not a fan of boxy jackets like the Bisected Bow Jacket (blegh!). This blazer seems to perfectly combine puffy romantic Victorian sleeves with the utilitarian neutral trend going on now. Think British Victorian Safari -- maybe I should pair it with a shotgun to really work it (just kidding!)

It goes really well with ivory or white ruffled shirts and can easily take an additional pop of colour wherever you like.

Sizing: Size up one. I tried the 0 and it was too fitted to my liking. 2 was better. Tall girls beware, this jacket hits more on the shorter side, so it might come off as cropped on a tall girl. But it's fantastic for petites!

Verdict: Bought home at once! Though I did get a bit of "sweetie, the colour looks like the communist army" sort of remarks until I finally styled it properly.

March 13, 2010

Currently Wearing - Side French Braid

This weekend I'm rocking the French side braid thanks to the fantastic tutorial skills of bubzbeauty. See her very cool 5 min Butterfly Braids tutorial below.

Since my hair is shorter than hers, I stop at 1:35 rather than doing the full butterfly braid though I would love to wear the full look if I had longer hair!

She also has some fantastic makeup tutorials and has an adorable accent and attitude. It's very useful if you have pale olive skin to see makeup on a girl with similar skin tones to yourself.

March 12, 2010

Video Post: Anthropologie Birthday Card

For the curious, this is what the Anthropologie Birthday card looks like (see video for both front and back!). As you can see there's an adorable pinhole cupcake pattern and they even throw in a little "candle" necklace on top for fun.

Now the question becomes, what should I get with my discount? Notice that it's in-store only, so no online purchases can use it.

March 11, 2010

Inspiration: Steven McQueen Photography

This image just haunts me...the roaming dogs and tree against the stark whiteness in the background is so beautiful yet so lonely.

Still from Giardini 2009 © Steve McQueen

More details on the work is available via Marian Goodman Gallery New York.

March 10, 2010

Mizrahi 24 - Question 7

Describing Your Style, Question #7: What are five clothing/fashion items you can't live without?

1) The Trench Coat - I love love it and am always willing to invest in a good, new trench. Function and form together.
2) The Classic Trouser - I have trousers in every imaginable material: cotton, denim, wool, various blends. Fitted, wide leg, pinstripe classic you name it. It is the pant that I find to be the most flattering and versatile. Talbots does it best - even if you think it's a granny store, their pant fits can't be beat.
3) The Cardigan - In this A/C crazy world, I'm almost always with some sort of cardigan to keep me warm when that cold air blast comes upon the cold little souls of the world.
4) The Ballet Flat - One of my dear friends turned me onto this chic shoe when I had thought it to be unsuitable for the petite feet. Once you get addicted you can't stop. Comfort, style, and an instant chic factor.
5) The Slouchy Handbag - I usually tend to not like very heavily structured handbags. There is something more modern, relaxed and fresh about a soft leather handbag. Not to mention total versatility.

This is the 7th in a series of questions from Isaac Mizrahi's fantastic book How to Have Stylewith my personal answers below.

March 09, 2010

10 Signs of a Clothing Addict

Signs I've noticed in my own life that seem to suggest an addiction to clothes:

1) Friends and coworkers no longer ask what you did on the weekend...they immediately assume you went shopping even if you didn't -- "What? You actually went to a movie instead?"

2) Your room perpetually has a small pile of shopping bags with new clothes you have yet to wear.

3) The salespeople at your favorite stores progress in the following manner:
a. recognize you by face
b. learn your name
c. learn how to pronounce your name properly
d. learn how to spell it properly too!
e. pick out clothes as recommendations for you that you would actually consider wearing
f. terrified to know what happens next -- will they send me to rehab?

4) You've invested in colour coordinated slim, flocked hangars so that your entire closet is organized and clothing doesn't slip to the ground when you're trying out outfits. (And seriously, it really is worthwhile).

5) Local charities can always rely on you for a clothing donation -- an excellent way to allow those items you no longer wear/want a second chance at life.

6) You've cried when your favorite items ends up shrunken or damaged. Consequently, you've bought and sworn by high end laundry detergent to preserve the items you love. The Laundress Wool & Cashmere Shampoo is one of my personal favorites.

7) You believe that fashion is an art form and should be appreciated and taken seriously as much as a great painting, song, or novel. Your own taste and "eye" have undergone increasing refinement as you practice your art.

8) You get all excited that all the stores you shop at send you cards giving you discounts and other well wishes during your birthday month. "OMG -- really? for me? So sweet!"

9) Purchasing "basics" is practically optional for you at this point. You are way beyond the basics and now shop to collect unique items only.

10) You are well aware of other clothes horses in your neighborhood and regularly scope out what they are wearing. Or the level of their insanity versus your own.

P.S. For the record, I do shop and buy clothes responsibly. I save more than I spend on clothes and I count myself lucky to be able to do so. This article is merely for fun, but if you truly are concerned that you have a real addiction, you may want to refer to this Web M.D. article to check if your behavior really is something to be concerned about or needs professional attention.

March 08, 2010

Review: Sparrow Acclimate Sweater

I just had this one shipped to me this week:

Orig. $128
style #910231

I'm really loving the boiled wool numbers that Anthropologie put out this season. This sweater has been on my wishlist for sometime due to the really unique cut and beautiful colour. Not to mention, it's a very versatile piece that can double as a sweater or as a jacket.

I will note that the red is a bit darker in person than in the photo. Also, at 5 ft 1, 100lbs, I chose the XS after seeing that many girls felt it ran more on the large side. It really creates a nice hourglass shape and for me, wears like a longer cardigan.

Verdict: Get it while you still can! Also, not feeling the grey version. But you definitely can wear this with the lapels open as well if you prefer.

March 07, 2010

Review: Anthropologie Jewelry - Modiola and Water Drops

Much to my chagrin, after taking advantage of the free shipping deal, I found that I was rather disappointed with my latest two jewelry orders, despite overall favorable reviews on the Anthropologie site:

Water Droplet Posts, $30
22k gold, glass
style #043325

As luminous and beautiful the colour on these posts is, I found these earrings to be too bulky and heavy to actually look good worn. The faux gemstones are set far too high. The result: an earring that doesn't lay flat and close to the ear, but rather one that is heavy and protrudes too much to have an elegant effect. Even girls with big ears wouldn't be able to wear these.

Verdict: *tear* pass on these and pick another pair.

Modiola Bracelet in gold, $58
14K gold plated metal
style #043289

Absolutely gorgeous bracelet that I had to splurge on.

Now, this is a problem for many girls with petite wrists: too many bracelets and cuffs are far too large! As delicate and sweet it looked in the picture, it was still too big for my wrists. Unfortunately, you can't adjust it smaller without cutting through the stretchy bands and removing a link. It will stretch to accommodate larger wrists.

Verdict: Pass if you're wrists are very small. Otherwise... buy!

March 06, 2010

Wanted: Kate Spade Maryanne Totes

I can't decide which of the 2 Maryanne leather totes below is more fab, but know that both are positively gorgeous! Which one do you prefer?

March 05, 2010

Official Leifsdottir Site Launch

Anthropologie officially sent out invites to the launch of it's sister Leifsdottir site. See full invite email here.

The collection features some Asian inspired prints, very pretty colours, and good use of asymmetrical items. However, I would caution you to read the descriptions carefully. I noticed that despite the 3 figure price tags on nearly everything, not all items are made fully of natural, high quality materials. Many of the sweaters are made of manmade blends, where nylon or rayon are part of the material (booo!). Dresses are a bit better, with all but the Traveler Tunic, made out of silk, cotton or silk blends. Blouses and bottoms are also largely silk or cotton.

The full lookbook, with gorgeous photography, is here. For the no-nonsense gals who want a more straightforward lookbook (white backgrounds, models all standing facing front), you can see it here.

Below is some interesting information from the site about what Leifsdottir's philosophy is:

Leifsdottir is a young designer collection by Finland native Johanna Uursjarvi. Meaning “daughter of Leif,” Leifsdottir illuminates the Scandinavian custom of inheriting your father’s name as your surname at birth. It is this sense of tradition and authenticity that is reflected in each and every Leifsdottir collection. In the words of Uursjarvi, “No matter how modern our designs, they are always in some way a reflection of the past.”

Leifsdottir expresses its appreciation for the past by using antique-inspired buttons and trims, in addition to old-world tailoring techniques and fabrics. Juxtaposing this are artistic, modern twists like abstract photographic prints, unexpected color combinations, and uniquely draped silhouettes and proportions. This aesthetic tension results in timeless wardrobe keepsakes that appear to be made, rather than manufactured.

Each season, Uursjarvi crafts an evocative narrative from which she and her team derive inspiration. These stories reflect everything from her recent travels or a magical fairytale to the lives of artists and heroines. Says Uursjarvi, “We get very inspired by our stories and want to offer this same inspiration to our customers.”

In the eyes of Uursjarvi, the Leifsdottir customer is hip, optimistic, curious, and cultured. She is a modern woman, who wants to look pretty and polished, while showing off her personality. Because of this, she is drawn to the charm and soul of Leifsdottir.

March 04, 2010

Links a la Mode: Fashion Flashback

links a la mode

Fashion Flashback

Edited by Debutante
As fashion weeks starting winding down, some are looking forward to the next trend in fashion. This week, I was thrilled to see so many bloggers focusing on the past -the history of fashion. An obvious passion of mine, vintage fashion has never been so influential. fête à fête reviews a gorgeous collection of vintage inspired jewelry. Fabulous Finds narrates a 1950s styled romp through Palm Springs. Oranges and Apples shares inspiring vintage Life magazine images. In politics, if you don’t learn from history, you’re destined to repeat it. In fashion, if you don’t learn from history, you won’t know you are repeating it!

Links à la Mode : March 4th

March 03, 2010

More Details on Anthropologie Free Shipping Deal

Per an email I just received from Anthroplogie we now finally have details on how long the Free Shipping on their site will last:

Here's the fine print:
This offer is valid for domestic shipments only. To take advantage of Complimentary Standard Shipping, you must link your anthro number to a new or existing account.
Additional fees apply for overweight, express or overnight shipping. Offer does not apply to previous orders.

Mizrahi 24 - Question 6

This is the 6th in a series of questions from Isaac Mizrahi's fantastic book How to Have Style with my personal answers below.

Describing Your Style
, Question #6: What would you never leave the house without putting on?

Well, since I tend to change what I wear everyday there's not terribly much which is absolutely constant:

1) My watch, bracelet and necklace, I literally sleep in them!
2) Going through my morning skincare routine - cleanse, tone, moisturize, + SPF during the sunny months.
3) Camisole - I'm one of those girls who is forever cold, so I always layer a camisole beneath my clothing except for the hottest days of the year. Currently I'm loving the thick cotton ones in nude by American Apparel.
4) Underwear - ubi sub ubi, I just can't bear the idea of going commando! I hope you cannot either...
5) Usually a pretty ginormous purse to hold all my stuff (smaller clutches only if it's a party, but even then I seem to always have a much bigger clutch than girls around me).

Well sweet reader, what would you never leave the house without putting on?

March 02, 2010

Inspiration: Victim Necklaces

Victim Fashion Street is a fashion and jewelry line created by Mei Hui Liu out of London. Her style incorporates a lot of lace, frills, and vintage trimmings.

I absolutely fell in love with her layered necklaces, with their strands and strands of pearls, lace, vintage bits. Yet all have a modern approach as you'll notice that traditional clasps are not used and each necklace mixes traditional beads with lace or fabric.

For the modern Dauphine, this is just spectacular. The white lace is very elegant.

This one has the most Victorian feel of them the red velvet bow

My favorite of the bunch - an absolute mermaid swath of pearls...
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