November 27, 2011

Finding Holiday Shopping Zen

Photo via AllWomensTalk

Holiday shopping seems to have increasingly become a blood sport, ranging from increasingly earlier "Black Friday" hours to outright pepper spraying others to sink your claws into an Xbox before they do. Scary.

So here are some tips for the fashion conscious to maintain your chic mojo and avoid going Naomi Campbell on your fellow shoppers.

1) Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day. Your chic wardrobe will not be built in one day either. When you read interviews of women with fantastic closets - do any of them say that it's due to any particular shopping day of the year? Nope. Mostly you get responses that they tend to collect fashion, and shop very discriminately to build a wardrobe that has quality pieces, not quantity. Therefore, if you're a bit late or missing out on one shopping event at some store, just relax. Part of your Black Friday Anthro order got cancelled? Happened to me too - trust me, it won't kill you or your fashion cred in the bigger scheme of things.

2) Shop less not more. Set aside only part of the day to shop, and the other half to relax. For example, I prefer to shop in the mornings, have a nice lunch and relax the rest of the day. Hopefully you've been smart enough to buy presents throughout the year rather than reserve it for a last minute panic attack. Enjoy time off to do other things in your life and spend time with your friends and family. It is called a "holiday" for a reason. I personally enjoy baking and cooking during the holidays.

3) Munch and move. Skipping a decent, healthy breakfast or any other meal is a bad idea any day of the week. But just think about it - during the holidays your body needs proper nutrition to help it deal with the stress. A good walk outside, yoga session, or whatever your preferred exercise version is will help you stay sane and more relaxed.

4) Your mouse is your friend. Increasingly I've preferred to just shop online during the holidays to skip crowds altogether. There's many a good deal online during this time to be found without the time and stress of navigating the herd of people at the mall or having to wait hours in line freezing your butt off. Just have a Plan B in case a favorite item gets sold or or is unable to ship on time. Don't throw a cow or your laptop if that happens. There's plenty of other things you can buy instead.

5) Donate or volunteer. Many are not as fortunate to be even thinking about shopping strategies during the holidays. Heck they are thinking about where to get their next meal. So take the time to donate to a charity or volunteer your time - it'll make you feel good inside and help somebody else out.

Hope these tips helped!

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Rachel Marie said...

Brilliant advice! And I love the little poms on those presents. Such a cute idea :)

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