December 08, 2011

Fashion Needs to Slow Down

Hello sweet readers,

For a while, I've felt that my own blog didn't have quite the focus I was looking for.

I think fashion these days needs it's own equivalent of the slow food movement, a deeper concentration on the artistry and inspiration we all love, and less of a focus on fast fashion, up to the minute runway coverage, and mass consumerism. We may never go back to the days of couture and the exquisite craftsmanship that existed, but we can go to a deeper sense of appreciation for fashion, rather than buying the latest fad or oogling over the latest scandal.

I hope you will join me as I try my hand at a tumblr - one that will present a single style theme or thought over the course of a week. Rather than try to have a new shiny thing every day, I think allowing one idea to fully develop throughout the course of the week will be a better way to express what inspires me now. I also think that the new format will allow for a more interesting play of images and words together - something which I'm not sure blogger is quite able to provide yet.

I hope you will enjoy it and am interested in hearing your thoughts and feedback on this experiment in the comments or via twitter.



CynthiaC said...

I think if we focus more on the classics and timeless pieces, with pops of trend via accessorizing and maybe colour, then we might see something slightly slower. I don't think we can ban media from reporting on fashion shows (I know that some have tried - didn't Tom Ford only allow in-house photography?), but that doesn't sit well with a lot of people unless it's something like Project Runway. Designers also have to feel that they don't need to out-do others and just do what they feel is right (aren't you sick of seeing similar looks at several shows over ONE Fashion Week? Almost everything at the S/S 2012 collections at MBFW was fruit punch related!!)

sweetarchivia said...

@CynthiaC Very well said thoughts. I think the reality is the reason the media are reporting in an up-to-the minute way rather than a more thoughtful way is because there's a certain audience that wants that (which totally has it's place in this world).

However I just have chosen to avoid participation that I feel is too focused on trend or "one look" which I think defeats the fun of experimenting with fashion.

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