January 31, 2011

Jeffrey Campbell "Lookbook" White Oxfords

As a preview of one of the items I'll be wearing in my upcoming OOTD, above are shots of a pair of Jeffrey Campbell's "Lookbook" white oxfords. I managed to find them (in a size 5 no less!) at a local Nordstrom Rack buried amongst many other shoes. I love the old (oxford style) meets new (cutout front). And since I'm picky about materials and quality - I love the fact that this pair is done in leather.

There are similar Jeffrey Campbell's for sale at Modcloth currently: Perfect Photo Op Flat in Floral and Mint Green for $102.

Update: $109 Lookbook Oxfords are available at Nordstrom in Grey/White and Pink/White.

January 27, 2011

Links a la Mode: It's Getting Hot in Here

links a la mode

It's Getting Hot In Here

Edited by Ann of Holier than Now
Though you may be living in a snow globe (sure feels like it here on the East Coast), you're never out in the cold - assuming the snow hasn't knocked out your internet ... This week's links will warm you up with hot topics that, ideally, bring out the best in a thoughtful, vibrant blogging community. Take your gloves off (the wool kind, not the boxing kind) and join the conversation!
P.S. If you'd like your voice heard here in Links a La Mode, take a look at this helpful guide by Grit & Glamour.

Links à la Mode: January 27th

January 26, 2011

Item of the Week: Tiffany Edwardian Aquamarine

Since March is my birthday month, I've always loved my birthstone, the aquamarine, more than diamonds, or the precious sapphire, ruby or emerald. Unfortunately, aquamarines seem to have fallen a bit out of favor as a gemstone and it seems even it's cousin blue topaz is more widely available in jewelry.

Nevertheless, Tiffany has resurrected the beautiful aquamarine for it's Legacy Collection, an Edwardian glamour inspired collection that has the sort of vintage meets modern quality I always love. If I had several thousand dollars to burn for fun, this is what I'd burn it on:

Tiffany Legacy Collection Aquamarine Ring
Ring with 1.77-carat Legacy-cut aquamarine and round brilliant diamonds in platinum.

$7,750 at Tiffany & Co.

January 25, 2011

What I Love Now! - January Joys

For Learning. Anthopologie put up a pretty awesome Scarf Styling Video. I actually had to watch it twice because it was so pretty I forgot I was even watching to see various ways to style a scarf! And is the red mushroom poof not the most adorable thing you have ever seen? I want one for my room now!

For Drying. I accidentally dropped my old hair dryer and part of the plastic chipped off. Unfortunately it was one of those plastic parts which help keep you safe away from the burning hot metal, so it was definitely time to upgrade my blow dryer. I was contemplating shelling out a ridiculous amount of money for T3 Tourmaline, but ultimately decided to go with a cheaper knockoff - the Infiniti by Conair 228 Nano Silver Tourmaline Ceramic Styler in White.
                                                                   Inifiniti by Conair 228 Nano Silver Tourmaline Ceramic Styler, White
So far it's been great, much more lightweight than my previous drying. I wouldn't say it's much faster speed wise - I still need a good 20-30 minutes to style. However, the lighter weight means I can actually use attachments like the concentrator or the diffuser without feeling like my arms are about to fall off.

$39.95 at Amazon or in-store at Target

For Carrying. I'm in love with this Halston Heritage leather clutch, though I haven't managed to justify to myself why I should spend so much on a clutch even at the sale price. It is very roomy, but I have to admit without an option for shoulder straps it does limit the flexibility of where you could use it. I will say that Halston Heritage does have a really high quality look to their items when you see them in person. However, I would shy away from anything that has chains, as they are so heavy that you might as well wear a ball and chain as an accessory.

$121.90 on sale at Nordstrom

January 24, 2011

Hello World! This is Me...

I hesitated for the longest time as to whether to show my true face on this blog, due to a nasty blog-stalker situation years ago which prompted me to tear down my old blog and not be able to write for some time. This year my resolution is to no longer live in fear and regain my courage to live more freely again. So many courageous women who have been in far more dire situations have risen to the occasion and been able to publicly speak against stalking.

I've received so much kind support from my readers and fellow fashion bloggers that I believe this is the time to take the first step in my quest to fully heal from scars past and maybe say a few words of encouragement for those who might have experienced or are experiencing what I have. You are not alone.

Remember, any form of stalking or harassment in the cyber or real world is not okay, not a form of "love," and is highly abusive. Unlike in the literary world of Twilight where Edward stalks Bella by hanging out in her bedroom while she sleeps and yet somehow they fall in love, in the real world Bella would be scared out of her mind, her policeman father would arrest Edward, and Bella would run far far away (maybe into the furry arms of Jacob).

If you are being stalked or feel anxious or pressured, or fear someone in your life, don't isolate yourself. Tell your friends or family who can help keep you safe and seek out resources for help. Here are some starting points:

That's Not Cool - A resource that particularly addresses digital abuse. It is co-created by the Family Violence Prevention Fund, the Department of Justice's Office on Violence Against Women, and the Advertising Council.
Stalking Awareness Month - A resource from the National Center for Victims of Crime which addresses general stalking behaviors to recognize.

So hello world! This is me...

I've loved fashion since I was a little girl, and it has been a constant friend I have turned to ranging from shop therapy to an outlet for me to fully express myself and my individuality. For these shots, I am wearing a  J.Crew Factory Merino Rose Corsage Cardigan in Light Berry.

I'm usually a no makeup soul however for these shots I decided to quickly curl my eyelashes and wear: 

Tarte emphasEYES for brows in Taupe. I'm pretty sure I probably should be using a darker colour to fill my brows, but the taupe is a more understated choice

MakeUpForever Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick #36 in Satin Fuschia. It's really not a colour I'd normally wear, but it's a sample I received from Sephora that was typed as being appropriate for olive skin tones and the colour is really growing on me! Not to mention bright lips are the new trend for Spring.

I look a bit like a Blythe doll, don't I?

Blythe in Marni
Photography: Gina Garan

January 23, 2011

Links a la Mode: Jan 20th

links a la mode

"I have confidence that spring will come again, Besides which you see I have confidence in me"

Edited by Florrie Clarke of Intrinsically Florrie

Within this week's links I kept noticing a resounding honestly in the heartfelt posts. When we blog or choose an outfit we are putting ourselves out there for all to judge, and it's not surprising that doing the activity can have an affect on our confidence for better or for worse, especially when feedback starts coming in.
There's also been a sense of rebellion in the air: from the emergence of the punk style to controversy over Vogue, and in the week that saw the spectacle which is the Golden Globes rises a questioning of what the red carpet is all about.

Links à la Mode: January 20th

  • A la Modest Drawing inspiration from Kabukis, Rainbow Brite, Ladytron, and Padmé Amidala while on Tatooine
  • Antares: Alfa Scorpii Fashion without mercy: do I have to choose between fashion and my beliefs?
  • By Anika Who gets to label me and my worth? I do! An honest account from this curvy fashionista who fiercely supports all of our rights to label, embrace and love our fashionable selves, what ever our size.
  • City of Glitter To Cover-up or Not To Cover-up? A post exploring foundation and its role in our self-esteem.
  • Crimson Rosella Blogging: A Self-confidence booster?
  • Depict This The challenge of wearing vintage clothing in the real world
  • Elle Enchanted My take on what bloggers need to consider before accepting a sponsor.
  • Fashezine Inspired by Jennine Jacob's post on how fashion blogs will evolve in 2011, I thought I'd try my hand at a video.
  • Fashion Limbo Online Christmas Shopping, the Aftermath - on lost packages, refunds and independent retailers.
  • Fuyume The demise of the kimono industry.
  • Fish Monkey's Writing Stuff Why I don't think that red carpets have any relevance to fashion.
  • Independent Fashion Bloggers: 5 Tips for Taking Better Photos of Yourself
  • Intrinsically Florrie The fashion show that's made me impatient for summer.
  • Karma-Style Blog Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj have 'FoF' - Fearlessness of Fashion. Do you?
  • My Heart Blogged Falling head over flats. My flats collections, and why you don't see me wearing heels.
  • Scarlet Letter Style Why is the fashion world so critical? I have an idea on how to fix it
  • The Column of Samantha Tyler Of Punks and their influence on Fashion
  • The Fashion Pawn The fourth part of The B.O.B Series discusses all "About You:" Tips for your About You Page.
  • The-Loud Mouth Sometimes, garbage piles up: Fashion blogging isn't just a hobby. For some, it can be an emotional release.
  • The Taxonomy Of My Wardrobe Three Strikes Vogue - You're Out! Three examples of how the fashion bible is inexcusably out of touch with readers and losing relevance in today's world
  • The Simply Luxorious Life Why Not . . . Create Your Own Signature Style?

January 22, 2011

Leifsdottir Winter Sale

Leifsdottir sent out a colorful email announcement that it's Winter Sale has begun!

January 20, 2011

Item of the Week: Leather Masks from Tom Banwell

I stumbled upon these absolutely gorgeous filigree leather masks by Tom Banwell on Etsy. He also does steampunk work with scarier looking gas masks and has a blog you can follow. Apparently one of these lovely masks even ended up on an episode of Smallville!

Love the gold tones in this and the coppery makeup just adds to the ethereal vision.

Rococo Lacy Mask in White Leather
And you thought masks and California-girl cool didn't mix?

January 19, 2011

Video Post: Anthropologie Store Inspiration

Hello sweet reader! I hope you enjoy some of these lovely outfits and items that I saw at SF Bay Area stores. 

January 16, 2011

Links a la Mode: Reflections, Realizations, and Resolve

links a la mode

Reflections, Realizations, and Resolve

Edited by: The Curvy Fashionista
After we blazed into the new year with resolutions, ideals, paired with moxie and gusto, we also came into the new year with questions, self realizations, and new inspirations. This week's round up features some of the most though provoking, feel-good, and reason to re-examine your closet!

Links à la Mode: January 13th

  • 365 Fashion Rehab: New Year, New You. You don't need a whole new wardrobe to be on trend
  • Beautifully Invisible: Children and the Fashion Industry: When are they TOO young?
  • Confessions of a Fashion Editor: What makes a blogger?
  • Dress With Courage: A fashion survey forces a closer look at my love affair with denim.
  • Fashion Limbo: A woman's right to (pretty) shoes - why you should never stop celebrating yourself
  • Fashion Writes: What influences, motivates, drives, and empowers women's decisions on buying certain trends (or not buying!): popularity vs. the struggle and desire to stand out and remain original.
  • Freeda Style: The clichés "Everyone's a critic" and "I don't know art, I just know what I like" apply every single day. Are you just getting dressed, or are you a wardrobe artist?
  • Grit and Glamour: Friend Friday: Goals, Imperfection, and Finding Your Voice
  • Holier Than Now: Closet Full of Money: My System for Recycling Clothes for Cash (or Karma)
  • I’m Freestyling: I love clothes, wearing them, buying them, feeling them—but all love has its limitations...
  • Independent Fashion Bloggers: Three Easy Ways to Improve Your Blog in 2011
  • Mischief My Dear: Gilt vs. Ideeli (Members Only Shopping: A Review)
  • Mode Stylist: push the boundaries of style with who you are.
  • Modern Day Damsel: Sprucing up my wardrobe - 10 items I absolutely have to buy this year
  • Pretty Shiny Sparkly: The Secrets to Successful Fashion Blogging
  • Revas Rags to Roses: What I look for in the Blog-O-Sphere
  • Satoriography: A how-to post for surviving winter without sacrificing your style (or any limbs to frostbite).
  • Sugar and Spice: MORE Cash Than Dash - have fashion magazines lost touch with their readership? Do fashion blogs do it better?
  • Taxonomy of My Wardrobe: Ever feel like you can't relate to the snooty editorials in fashion glossies like Vogue? Well you're not alone.
  • The Curvy Fashionista: This hair of Mines- A love story
  • The Demoiselles: Is fashion-sharking just as bad as body-snarking?

January 13, 2011

Item of the Week: Jeffrey Campbell "Pencil Me In" Flat

Is this not the cutest shoe you've ever seen? I had to do a double-take the first time -- "Wait, wait is that a shoe that looks like a PENCIL?! And it's from Jeffrey Campbell???!!" My goodness, my inner pencil-loving nerdy girl was so delighted. Yep the back of the shoe looks like an eraser and front exactly like the front of a pencil.

Alas, the smallest is a size 6 otherwise I'd have ordered these in a 5 and been dancing in them by now. However, I can say that Jeffrey Campbell does make some very comfortable shoes and the leather is of good quality.

$97.99 at Modcloth

January 12, 2011

Inspiration: Rodarte Chinese Porcelain Print

Rodarte Spring 2011 Runway Look
photo credit: Dan & Corina Lecca

I just love this print from Rodarte that was featured in Bazaar's Top Spring 2011 Trends! The silhouette is a bit Princess Jasmine meets high fashion. I can't really say I love the matching shoes, but I would wear the gown in a heartbeat (or if I won the lottery and could afford Rodarte). 

And it really does look like the beautiful traditional Chinese Ming pottery...

Chinese Ming Ewer from Sotheby's

For a more everyday look, Leifsdottir offers an Aviary Shift Print dress has a similar blue and white colour scheme though the print isn't quite as complex. You get what you pay for - and the more unique and complex a garment is, usually the more expensive (of course there's also things like brand name, materials used, tailoring techniques, etc).

$348 at Leifsdottir. Print also comes in a blouse and a skirt.

January 11, 2011

Guide to Anthropologie's External Brands

In addition to all the fabulous in-house brands that Anthropologie carries, it also carries many external brands not owned by parent company Urban Outfitters. Here are some of the external brands that I've seen turn up fairly consistently, though Anthropologie often does special partnerships and collaborations so selection can often vary:

AG (Adriano Goldschmied) - I am a big fan of the AG selection at Anthropologie, in particular the AG Stevie Corduroys, which I just cannot get enough of (see review here).

Anna Sui - Anthropologie has carried both Anna Sui products (perfume and dresses come to mind) and has done special Anna Sui for Anthropologie collaborations with the designer. Here's the latest selection.

Byron Lars Beautymark - this is the brand behind the famous On-a-Wing blouse that so many of us Anthropologie fans adored (see blouse review here).

Ella Moss - Sister brand to Splendid, it is known for it's West Coast casual vibe and soft fabrics. Here's the latest selection.

Hansel from Basel - an quaint hosiery company based out of L.A. I personally love their wool tights! See a review of their Garland Tights here. Also here's the latest selection at Anthropologie.

Joe's Jeans - A staple at Anthropologie for denim, though I confess I have yet to become a Joe convert.

LA Made - Definitely more of a downtown, urban vibe to this brand whose focus is "LA style." See my review on Acres of Indigo Shirtdress. See current items here.

Plenty by Tracy Reese - Anthropologie often carries Plenty by Tracy Reese dresses and and other pieces.  Click here for the latest Tracy Reese that Anthropologie carries. Plenty is described as "For the Bohemian spirit who seeks to discover the world’s treasures, plenty offers a fashion collection, rich in ethnic detail, to accompany the soundtrack of her life."

Splendid - a sister brand to Ella Moss that specializes in the "perfect tee" and more casual designs. Here's the latest carried at Anthropologie.

Twinkle by Wenlan - gorgeous luxe pieces that really are made of beautiful materials. I have yet to own a piece but definitely pine for one. See more at Anthropologie.

Brands Anthropologie has partnered with:

Ruffian - The Mise en Scene series definitely focuses on the more luxe, runway side of Anthropologie.

Vera Neumann - the collaborative We Love Vera series has some gorgeous, colorful prints by the famous 60s designer.

More info from Anthro:
An American art phenom and entrepreneur, the late Vera Neumann took the 60s art, fashion and home decor world by storm with her bright, bold color palettes and eye-catching prints. Vera began her dazzling career by studying at Cooper Union and then worked as an illustrator and textile designer before going into business for herself. Her first business endeavor was based out of the small studio apartment she shared with her husband, George. Together they built a silkscreen small enough to fit on their dining room table and printed placemats, which they cured in their oven. Famous for saying, "Fine art should not be relegated to the walls. It should surround you," each of the pieces you see on anthropologie.com began as an original piece of artwork by Vera and was then adapted into something wonderfully usable for your life.

January 10, 2011

Anthro Nakamol Either-Ore Necklace

I came upon this necklace during the pre-Christmas flurry of Anthro sales really as one of those "let me try it out" type of items. Given that the necklace was made out of real freshwater pearls, agate, quartz, and silver plated wire I felt that the use of all natural materials rather than plastic might make for a great accessory item. 

Now, keep in mind that the original online photo looked like this:


As you can see clearly the colours were exchange to add more red into the mix (which all the online reviewers experienced as well). However, I think the red didn't detract me from keeping the necklace as I'm definitely not one of those who feels red and pink should never mix.

I also love the natural materials which really add more depth to the necklace that otherwise could end up looking childish as well as the fact that Nakamol is handmade and helps the less fortunate:
Chicago-based designer Nakamol creates her eponymous line of jewelry based upon a desire to turn simple stones into works of art; truly, ornate metalwork and shaped-and-polished stones seemed to come to life beneath her fingertips. After arriving in the US from Thailand to complete her master's degree, Nakamol started her business to supplement her meager student's income. As her business grew, she made it a priority to hire the less fortunate within the Thai community to help produce her handmade line as a means of maintaining their dignity, self-respect and community standing.

The only downside I had was that the middle flower occasionally will feel a bit shy and flip backwards! Not something that bothers enough for me to not want to keep it.

The shy blue flower...

January 07, 2011

Links a la Mode: In With The New

links a la mode

In With The New

Edited by: The Sunday Best

It's  funny how an arbitrary measurement like time can cause us to reassess  our lives, make long lists of promises, and end up overpaying for bad  parties filled with depressed people staring into their drinks. Just me?  Let's start the year off right with a collection of links bursting with  new year-y goodness.

Links à la Mode: January 6th

January 05, 2011

Item of the Week: Vintage Gucci Silk Dress

Stunning isn't it? I came upon this browsing Yoox's vintage collection and my jaw just dropped. I had always thought of Gucci as being more of a bombshell type of brand but this demure gown is gorgeous in it's own way.

Vintage Silk Gucci Dress $1,950 at Yoox

January 04, 2011

Hello New Purse!

Meet me, your new owner :) 

I picked up this cute little red Italian leather purse by Ripani after some New Year's bargain hunting at my local TJ Maxx. I love how the shape reminds me of an old school doctor's bag, while the bright colour and gold hardware is totally modern.

And here's the inside - pockets are always useful for a gal! Also I have to admit I hate purses that are too heavy, as many can be with chains or buckles -- heck you're armed with a pound of metal with some of them! This one is on the smaller side and fortunately the hardware doesn't make me feel like I'm lugging my bags through an airport.

$99.99 at TJMaxx

January 02, 2011

Oui ou Non? Christopher Kane Leather Dresses

Is this fashion forward or just tacky? I admit it's definitely an interesting concept to mix floral embroidery with black leather into an Asian-inspired silhouette. $3152 at Farfetch

I think the Carla Leather Dress by Christopher Kane below seems to be the more successful of the two attempts. The lace seems to soften it up a little though I still wonder how comfortable a leather dress would be to wear.

$5,407 at MyTheresa

January 01, 2011

Links a la Mode: Inspiration Now

links a la mode

Inspiration Now

Edited by Ashe Mischief/Dramatis Personae
After being a Links a la Mode editor for years, it's really refreshing to come back and edit our end of 2010 edition! It felt so timely, too-- the end of a year. So many new, exciting things to look forward to. New ideas, people, inspiration. That's where this round-up came from: inspiration. It's my hope that these posts will inspire you, as they've inspired me-- as a reminder to step outside your boundaries to try something new. As a reminder to look at the world around you. To be bright and brilliant and love fashion & style. To treat yourself well, to love yourself, and feed your mind & body all you need to thrive-- and hopefully inspire and help you to be the person you want to be in 2011.
Hope you all have an amazing New Year!

Links á la Mode: December 30th

  • Antares: Alfa Scorpii: Mori girls style is an amazing street style trend, the mixture of ethnic, folk, lolita-style and others.
  • Awakened Aesthetic: Araks Yeramyan's lingerie is both ethical and effortless.
  • Beyond Fabric: On Family History - Vintage Family Pics
  • Big Girl. Small Budget. Tiny Town.: Using the 12 Days of Christmas as style inspiration. A 12-verse song translated into 12 winter looks
  • Boheme Noir: 10 Ways to Wear Tartan & Plaid
  • Circle City Style: High Fashion in the Style of Gemma Teller
  • Dramatis Personae: If I were Another Girl... Inspired by Eastern European Boho Style
  • Fasshonaburu: Why is that most "Flatter Your Shape" articles will feature petite and curvy, yet rarely both in one person?
  • Fuyume: Is the rise of Asian models a fad?
  • The House in the Clouds: Shine your light on me: A reminder to all women that we are more beautiful and interesting collectively.
  • I'm the It Girl: Colour Trends S/S 2011: From Runway to H&M
  • Independent Fashion Bloggers: Setting Blogging Resolutions for the New Year
  • Liv Lux Magazine: How to Ease High Heel Foot Pain [Video]
  • Lust, Love, Lose: Lust- Maggie Matich's Lavender Hair
  • Just B Blog: B Festive: Hair Tinsel the perfect holiday hair accessory!
  • Miss Vicki: Crossing the line between fetish and fashion
  • Modly Chic: Typical New Year's Resolutions-- Blogified.
  • MoMoMod: I'm bound to believe that Catherine's definitive, effortless, and lady like style is perfect in its own right.
  • My Fashion Lust List: Fashion Related Health Problems
  • The Coveted: Snow boots for urban sludge
  • The Red Dot: Fashion Illustration therapy: review of three of the best fashion illustration blogs of the moment - Do they have influence on our style and looks?
  • Watch This Place: In a world where 'shocking' is no longer shocking, I consider whether the 'rock-'n'-roll-bad-girl' has lost her edge.


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Looks like it's time for me to finally claim my blog on Blog Lovin.

I also decided to make over my blog for New Year, like it? As much as I love pink - I think the blue/green has a nice freshness.
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