April 29, 2011

Item of the Week: Lace like Kate

In honor of Kate's gorgeous Alexander McQueen dress by Sarah Burton with lace and embroidered details, I decided to pick a stunning ivory lace cape as Item of the Week. It's chic and perfect for a garden party (or the closest royal wedding viewing party!)

Duchess Lace Cape 

$610 at BHLDN

April 27, 2011

What I Love Now! - April Flowers

April Flowers

It's Time to Bumble! Definitely loving my new hair helpers Prep and Surf Spray thanks to the fact that Sephora now carries Bumble and Bumble. I have to admit that I don't exactly have much natural wave, but the combination definitely does help create a good bit of volume, matte texture, and enough hold to help calm the unruliness my coarse hair can be. Meanwhile the scents are quite lovely: Prep has a fresh, slightly herbal scent and Surf Spray smells like the beach. Neither give me greasiness, stickiness, or weigh down my hair.

Milking TokyoMilk. TokyoMilk Sparrow No.18 Parfum - Neroli and Citrus has become a new fave perfume for it's lovely fresh, light scent. Also it's a much cheaper daily alternative compared to a fave Neroli scent of mine, Annick Goutal Neroli, which is so ridiculously overpriced (yet so completely amazing) that I still refuse to buy it.

Keep in mind that the TokyoMilk version is a bit earthier with notes of "Neroli, Citrus, Crisp Greens, Gardenia and Rosewood" while the Annick Goutal has "Orange Blossom Absolute, the essence of neroli, petitgrain paraguay essence, the essence of cypress, cedar oil." But heck at $115 a bottle, Annick should've also added undying affection and love to the mix!

April 24, 2011

Links a la Mode: Things Are Gonna Change... I Can Feel It!

Things Are Gonna Change... I Can Feel It!

Edited by Jessie Thorpe of Denimology

On Monday morning, my life will change. I am having my muffin top and all of my shiny silver stretch marks removed from my fleshy, live-giving form. I'm having plastic surgery, a tummy tuck to be exact, and yes I'm talking right out loud about it. This decision has had my head in a tizzy fashion wise, sending me searching for some fashion guidance to compliment my new figure. I've really been inspired by nostalgic what-comes-around-goes-around fashion trends, feel good fashion and a variety of "Top (insert number here)" lists.  90's trends seem to be popular in the fashion blogosphere; you kids are talking about sheer clothes, color blocking and threads ripped to shreds. I'm really appreciating the inspirational instruction given by all you clever e-journalists. We've been instructed on how and what to wear for the season, how to pamper little ol' you and feel good about it too!

April 21, 2011

Item of the Week: French Hair Clips

I absolutely swear by hair accessories made in France - somehow the French have cracked the formula for hairclips in addition to perfume and fantastic fashion. For whatever reason, these clips seem to hold my coarse, stubborn hair more consistently without tugging or falling off completely (as happens with many cheaper hair accessories). In my mind they are well worth the investment.

The ones pictured below I found at Anthropologie, but I've also found French headbands at J.Crew and Nordstrom that really hold my crazy hair well and have previously written up a few headband buying tips.

From Left to Right: Colossal Bow Barette, Lodovico Clip, Barette

Look for the "Clip Made In France" stamped on the metal part of the clip when buying! The claw style Lodovico clip has "hand made in France" on the inside.

April 20, 2011

Beauty Bites

1. Go Smile Goes Bye Bye - Heard from SA that Sephora is discontinuing Go Smile in favor of a new brand called Glo, which should be in stores in 2-3 weeks. Based on the Glo website, it definitely looks like it's more of a blue-light device type system rather than mini ampoules. An entire Glo kit currently runs around a fairly pricey $275 (eek!) though not sure if the Sephora launch will change the pricing.

Below is a screenshot of the current Glo info page on Sephora.

2. Boyfriend is a Bust - I thought this perfume launch had to be the most interesting I've seen in a while. Essentially it's a bit like his scent for you type of concept. Unfortunately, despite the splashy campaign, I thought the execution was a dismal failure. I tried a sample of the perfume and smelled of smoke and musk - now unless you really enjoy that combination, I felt that while it was "masculine" I didn't exactly want to smell like I was an old stinky man. I also tried layering it with my perfume which didn't really work either. Unfortunately, showering it off seemed to leave an unpleasant after-smell of ... dare I say it, pee.

The official fragrance notes are obviously not "smoke, musk and pee" but rather "muguet, dark plum, myrrh, night blooming, amber and woody musk." Try it for fun but I'm passing on this one.

3. Get the Biba Look - My obsession with watching Lisa Eldridge videos continues and this latest video in which she uses real vintage Biba makeup to create an amazing look. As she already mentions in the video, don't use vintage makeup at home. The concept and the Biba look - wide-eyed, china doll lips with extraordinary colors are just fantastic. You can also check out her followup photos of her Biba collection to learn more about how Biba came about.

April 16, 2011

Links a la Mode: Operation #Uplift

Operation #Uplift

Edited by Vahni of Grit & Glamour
Oh no. It's The-Coveted-gate all over again. As much as I wish I could start this week's roundup with a glowing review of positivity, the sad truth is that the blogosphere is rife with accusations of trademark infringement, side-eye, competition, and bitchiness. Ladies and gents, it is time for this to stop.
I'll never understand why people feel the need to tear others down, or pass another's content—or identity—off as their own. Blogging dynamo Cece of LoveBrownSugar noted this week that she's had enough of the side-eye in fashion, and frankly, so have I. Last week, Cece issued an #Uplift Challenge: Find at least one female you don't know personally and tell her something that makes her feel beautiful. Don't get "#Uplift"? Be sure to read Beautifully Invisible's post—a Twitterless blogger is like Lady Gaga without a mic!
As you explore this week's list and head into the weekend, I leave you with this thought: "Women with wings," Sacramento, of Mis Papelicos, wrote, "use their wings not only to fly, but to cuddle, to shelter, to back, to push and to hug." What are you using your wings for?

April 14, 2011

Item of the Week: Odile Flats

These suede flats by Sam Edelman are so pretty and really give off the ballerina-chic look. Unfortunately as with many gorgeous shoes, the smallest size is a 6. However, if my feet magically grew I would be getting myself a pair of these!

$120 at Free People

April 13, 2011

Anthro Hair

I don't know about you, but what I love most about the Anthropologie April 2011 catalog is not the clothes but literally the gorgeous vintage, yet modern hairstyle on the model.

Of course I had to try to recreate it on myself, even though my shoulder length locks probably were a bit long for this style and my coarse straight hair is definitely miles away from the model's delicate blonde locks. I used my trusty GHD IV to create lots of curls and then pinned my hair up to try to get the look. I think this is definitely an "embrace the messy" type of hairdo as I found too polished curls tended to look too formal.

What do you think sweet reader? Is it a good dupe or needs some more work?

April 12, 2011

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Campaign

Chanel brought the gorgeous Vanessa Paradis back for their Rouge Coco Shine campaign. She's wearing "Boy." For those less familiar with Coco's biography, "Boy" was a real person who was highly influential to Coco Chanel and one of her lovers.

The full instructions on how to get Vanessa Paradis' look is on the left hand card photo. I've also listed out the products below:

Face: Vitalumiere Aqua, Correcteur Perfection, Eclat Lumiere, Poudre Universelle Libre
Cheeks: Les Tissages de Chanel Blush Duo Tweed Effect in Tweed Pink
Eyes: Ombre Contraste Eyeshadow Duo in Taupe-Delicat, Le Crayon Khol Pencil in Clair, Inimitable Intense Mascara in Noir
Lips: Le Crayon Levres in Natural, Rouge Coco Lip Shine in Boy

The counter gave me these pretty Chanel ribbons done in the colours of 4 of the shades in the new line. I rather like Monte Carlo colour though I'm still figuring out a creative use of the ribbons...

April 09, 2011

Links a la Mode: It's Not All About the Clothes

It's Not All About the Clothes

Edited by Meghan Donovan at WIT & Whimsy

If you're a fashion blogger, you know that personal style is often not just about what apparel you put on each day, but it's about accessories and shoes and beauty, but even more so, it's about the little elements in every day life that inspire you and influence your taste. As fashion blogging continues to evolve I've watched more and more bloggers share little intimate looks into their every day lives, the moments that fill their weekends with joy and those unexpected experiences – as trivial as they may be sometimes – that have you taking to the keyboard and storytelling to your readers.

April 08, 2011

Inspiration: Advanced Style

I thought this video was such a breath of fresh air from the young young younger beat of teenage models that we see so often in fashion features. Not that I don't love a good model and pretty young things, but sometimes it makes me (even in my 20s) wonder what there is to look forward to. Well, the truth is, fashion really is for everyone and any age and true style lasts forever. I hope you find it as inspiring as I did!

Advanced Style: Age and Beauty on Nowness.com.

April 07, 2011

Item of the Week: Aqua Sculptural Dresses

Aqua's structural dresses are striking creations that really pull all attention towards the silhouette. Asymmetric designs, cutouts for the more daring fashionista, and body hugging fabrics make for feminine, but still chic creations.

While I do find it annoying that the creations are largely made out of manmade materials, (maybe it's for structural reasons that it's necessary to use polyester/elastane mixes?), below are my faves:

The peplum skirt + pencil skirt is a fun twist and is very chic.
This dress would be completely predictable with two shoulders, but one shoulder just makes it more eye-catching.

The single puff combined with a pencil skirt really adds elegance.

April 03, 2011

Spring Brights

I'm just loving the spring colours that are popping out from the ground so much that I decided to take some photos for inspiration and future colour reference! Enjoy!

April 02, 2011

Links a la Mode: Forever Evolving


Fashion: Forever Evolving
Edited by Collette Osuna of Statements in Fashion
Hello everyone! I'm super excited to be making my debut as an IFB Links a la Mode Editor this week. As I visited each link, I was reminded that each had the exact thing in common with the next, that Fashion is Forever Evolving.
From your Mothers fashion advice, a beauty "how to" video, or a legendary icons passing, fashion is always changing and taking form in a new shape. I am constantly thriving to acquaint myself with the "fashion unfamiliar." This weeks links did just that for me. I'm thrilled to be a new member of the IFB family and cannot wait to see everyone's posts throughout the upcoming year!

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