August 28, 2011

Inspiration: Elle Fanning

I love Elle Fanning's look and style in her Vogue shoot for the Annual Age issue. For those who don't yet know, she's Dakota's younger sister on the right hand side of the photo. Doesn't she just have a fantastic look? I love the Louis Vuitton blouse, cap and gloves she is styled in.

Photocredit: Vogue

Another interesting fashion feature with Elle is Rodarte's Muse, a short film about forgotten things where Elle is featured wearing Rodarte outfits with so much nonchalance she might've been wearing a hoodie and jeans. Of course I was especially delighted that one of my favorite Rodarte designs is also in the film.

Some more great Elle looks:

Photocredit: via Totally Elle, photoshoot by Tesh

Photocredit: via Totally Elle photoshoot by Yu Tsai

Still craving more Elle fashion fabulousness, Totally Elle has more great photoshoots of Elle....

August 25, 2011

What I Love Now! - August Material Snob Finds

Goorin Bros Sunhats. I think hats need a Blair Waldorf-esque revival that made headbands popular again. Honestly, I think they are overlooked for the great stylish sun protection they help provide in the California sun. Goorin Bros is a San Francisco-based hatmaker. I bought their black and white Eden hat, a pretty classic sunhat. I also noticed that their sunhats are made of more substantial material then alot of the run of the mill hats you find in stores - really worth a little splurge.

More outfit details in my Outfit of the Day post

Trolling the Outnet. I've definitely become a bit of a fan of the Outnet's flash sales - basically it's Net-a-Porter's clearance site, which is a bit like being a kid in a candy store if you're fashion obsesssed. I'm not a fan of "designer just for the brand name," or wearing everything with a logo tattooed all over it -- but rather the fact that many of the items are really of high quality and unique. To me it's really the high quality materials and workmanship, paired with a unique flair that make designer items worthwhile.

The plum skirt below is a recent Outnet find and I think really interesting and fun with the way the pockets and buckles are built. The fact that the satin is really made of silk (as it should be, not polyester crap) and the lining is in cotton just totally excited the material snob in me.

August 18, 2011

Item of the Week: Beekman 1802 Milkshake

Not being a fan of goat milk cheese, I was very apprehensive about trying out a goat milk bath, but this was quite lovely as a soak and really did help my dry skin. I didn't smell anything remotely goat-ish at all as the Summer soak is scented with floral essential oils. Basically you buy the bottle, add water, shake it up and then add to your bath. 

Also fun to check out is the charming Beekman 1802 page from the two Manhattanites, Josh and Brent, who resurrected the Beekman farm.

Available at Anthropologie or Beekman's

August 14, 2011

The Philosophy of Philosophy

While I'm a big fan of Philosophy's Hope Oil-Free Sunscreen, I somehow can't help but chuckle a bit at the ever so optimistic, inspirational notes on all of it's products. Even my sunscreen has a blurb on it saying, "what was is not what will be, let hope light your path in life's journey and set you free"... get it? Light? Sunscreen?

But what if Philosophy created a home line? What would it be like?

clean windows

philosophy: ahhh the sparkle of 
streak-free clean windows, 
a way to open your 
soul to the light, and let 
the sun shine in. 

glass and countertop cleaner

Tee hee. Or what if Philosophy mashed up it's optimism with your local hardware store?

philosophy: life marches on,
it continues around you even if 
you choose to stay still, someone
may try to tie their shoe, 
climb a tree, or shut the door,
marching on, hurrah hurrah

ant killer

Other clever mashups most welcome in the comments!

August 12, 2011

Garden Delights

Photocredit: BHLDN

Photocredit: Tim Walker for British Vogue via Megasus

Photocredit: Sebastian Faena for V Magazine via House of Versailles

August 09, 2011

Item of the Week: Recital Farrah

Isn't this a gorgeous clutch? Perfect for a piano or music lover. I love it when even the interiors and places you "can't see" are done so well. Truly this is Kate Spade at its best: classy, elegant with a touch of unique whimsy.

$375 at Kate Spade

August 04, 2011

Item of the Week: Decoy Lab

I usually don't blog much about home accessories, but this was such a gorgeous piece from Decoy Lab that I had to post it. The silhouettes are just darling and give this design so much more impact than if they were drawn on.

$78 at Decoy Lab

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